Jacksonville Camera Club Meeting Minutes – December 2, 2021 – SOTW – 7:00 P.M.

Young McQueen called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Happening: We have moved and this is the last meeting of 2021

Order: Young McQueen

Pandemic Protocol Reminder: Please Wear a Mask, SOTW is now Mask Optional

Phones to Vibrate or Airplane Mode

New Member/Visitor Recognition: Jan Vallely – two new – Patricia Stout and Tara McClintock, from Kingsland, Ga.

Health Check up: Bill McSherry having surgery soon–December 6th

Rebecca broke two bones in her foot on Thanksgiving day, before the turkey. . . will not need surgery.

Thanks goes to John Neel, Dave Wholey, Jeff Garbow, Craig Shier and Ted Floore for moving the JCC stuff from SOTW Lakeshore to Southside.

Treasurer’s Comments: Dues are due 12/31/2021 pay online from homepage about tab.

JCC Photo Shoot  – SOTW Deconsecration: Sunday, December 5th , need two more volunteers preferred – Ted Floore and Tanya Metaksa.  It will be from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m..  Contact Young McQueen if you would like to help.

F3C is planning a virtual conference next year.  Check out the website for additional information.

Ted Floore: Vice President-elect: couple of items – Programs for 2022 – requested ideas and speakers for the 2022 schedule.  Please contact Ted at 843/906-1830.

Christmas Party  – Has been cancelled – no one volunteered to be the host.

Awards Banquet: Jan Vallely – Banquet Chairman – asked the members to sign up on the website.  Look under the Blog Tab.

Fifty-Fifty Drawing: Suspended – will be back in January

People’s Choice Print Contest Results: Tina Jordan – will go Live in January?  December’s theme is Seasonality.  Entries will be accepted thru December 9th voa email.


Nominations for President’s Service Award for 2021 are due. Just email Young McQueen or complete the form provided in email.

Thank you to Administration Team of 2021

Program: Print Competition Results –

Program Presenter: Tim Davis, Judge: Dan Harris

General/People: Combined

1st Place       –         Pemaquid Point Lighthouse       –         Tim Davis

2nd Place      –         Early Fall Reflection                  –         Tim Davis

3rd Place       –         Succesful River Crossing           –         Paula Griffin

4th Place       –         Imperial Walker                         –         Karen Sirnick

Honors        –         In the Wind                               –         Karen Sirnick

Up Before the Fishermen           –         Fred Raiford


1st Place       –         Boulder Beach                           –         Tim Davis

2nd Place      –         Hanging Out to Dry                   –         Paula Griffin

3rd Place       –         Among Tranquil Blooms           –         Paula Griffin

4th Place       –         Spoonbill in Flight                     –         Lloyd Granat

Honor                    –         Oh Deer!                                   –         Fred Raiford

Adjourn at 8:15 p.m..

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