Jacksonville Camera Club Board Minutes – August 16, 202l -SOTW Portable Classroom #1 – 7:00 P.M.

JCC Executive Board   Invited Guests
Absent Name Position   Absent Name Position
P Young McQueen President P Tim Davis Print Chair
P Jeff Garbow Vice President A Karen Sirnick Digital Chair
P Brian Leonard Treasurer P Ted Floore Asst Print Chair
P Gail Means Secretary      
A Kathy Jaworski Director R      
A Craig Shier Director S      
A Anita Fanic Director T      

Order- Young called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m..

Opening – As there was not a quorum present the following motions were discussed and will be brought back to the board at a later date.

Secretary Report (Minutes) – Motion made by the secretary to accept the minutes from the last Board Meeting on June 10, 2021(was not able to approve because not a quorum).

Treasurer’s Report

Insurance renewal will be $508.00
IRS Return – at this time it is on hold

Audit 2020 – the information for the audit is available to give to Jan for review.

Revised Income 2021 – $214.00 net earnings


OLD BUSINESS (w/Motions)

Motion 1: Contest Fees to Judges in 2021(didn’t have quorum motion was discussed and will be brought back to board at later date.)

 Young McQueen

I move that a program be instigated for 2022 to evaluate if paying judges will result in better quality critiques/comments of the entries.

To cover, at least partially, this added cost fees will be assessed and collected as follows:

Print Contest:
Two dollars for judging/critique and two dollars for shipping contingency per print. Paid in cash with the submission.

Digital Contest:

Annual fee, paid online for the entire year: $25.00. Treasurer will have online verification available for the Digital Chair to verify the member’s status.

Accommodations for first year members?

Judging/Critique fee per contest: $100.00, all inclusive.

Annual Contests fees:

Print given ticket to banquet and guest

Digital: No fee since no comments or critique

Budget shortfalls are covered in budget

Motion 2:  Creation of Green Star Membership Type (didn’t have quorum motion was discussed and will be brought back to board at later date.)

Young McQueen – I move that

The Pseudo-Membership Type, “Green Star Member” be created with the following characteristics:

Honorific designation bestowed on spouses or significant relatives of deceased members.

No Dues

No Voting Rights

No counting as a member for legal or quorum purposes

No participations in events where active membership is required

Access to the website

Included in invitation to the Annual Banquet (not comped)

Moved to Inactive status if requested by G.S. member or if member  becomes non-responsive

Included in mailings as appropriate

Designation attained by being nominated by any member and approved by the board

Motion 3:  Grandfather Members Extended Family Status Inadvertently (didn’t have quorum motion was discussed and will be brought back to board at later date.)

Young McQueen

I move that

The following members, who were inadvertently given family-member status and charged half dues, are grandfathered into that status.

First Member

Second Member

Third Member


It is reiterated that family membership is extended only to one individual living in the same household as the primary member.



NEW BUSINESS (w/Motions)

Motion 4a:  Bylaws Change: Revision of Points System and Lifetime Member Program (didn’t have quorum motion was discussed and will be brought back to board at later date.)

Young McQueen

I move that

The following section of the bylaws be removed and placed in the website under the section “Bylaws Plus”. The details therein be henceforth under the approval of the Club’s Executive Board.

Article VII (Honors Program . . . )

Section (D)  Point System, Section (E) and Section (F).

Note: There is no Section C in this Article.

MOTION 4b: (didn’t have quorum motion was discussed and will be brought back to board at later date.)

Young McQueen – I move that

ARTICLE I – Membership be modified to read:

Any real person may join the Club. Membership is subject to review and approval by the Executive Board and the payment of dues.

Membership levels are as follows:


Description Pays Dues Special Qualifications Comments
Member Full None  
Family Half or as specified by Exec. Board Shares household with a member Limited to one per Member
Fellow Full 12 Years as Member Subject to approval of Exec Board
Fellow – Lifetime No Requirements as designated in Bylaws No new prospects after 1/1/2022, no new awards after 1/1/2032. Candidates must opt in during 2022
Fellow – Lifetime (inactive) No Choice of Fellow or if become non responsive Cannot vote and is not counted toward quorum. Can become active upon request to Exec. B.
Fellow – Retired Half or as specified by Exec. Board generally inactive but still a member


Cannot vote and is not counted toward quorum,  no contests participation
Other No   Designated by Executive Board Cannot vote and is not counted toward quorum, subject to annual review



ARTICLE II – Finance be modified to read:

The Club operates on a calendar year, cash basis. Expenses are paid with the approval of the Executive Board directly or through a budget process. Club dues are set by the Executive Board.


Motion 5: Revision to 50/50 Lotto (didn’t have quorum motion was discussed and will be brought back to board at later date.)

Young McQueen

I move that

The 50/50 contest will be revised as follows for the year 2022 only.

Change to a “rollover of pot” if no one wins on any given night.

Members “purchase” numbers between one and one hundred.

Number is drawn from a source as decided by the manager of the 50/50. Source could be a container containing 100 numbers, appropriately numbered. Or an electronic version of the same.

Members will place their name next to desired numbers on a pre-printed form or other method created by the manager.


OLD BUSINESS (w/o Motions)


Moving to SOTW: Southside – The move to the church will not be happening any time soon.  So the club will more than likely be at the SOTW location at least until the end of 2021.

Review Secretary Awards Redo Plan –  Cost and savings

Crown Trophy Invoice (for 2020)

The discussion was to change some of the annual awards that are given out at the yearly banquet.  Also discussed was an overall print and digital image of the year.

Also, discussed was the ribbons for the different competitions to change the look of them so that inventory of ribbons could be utilized in one type of ribbon for all competitions.

Program Committee Chair: Schedule through 2021 –  discussed the schedule for the remaining meetings for 2021 and making sure that the calendar was updated to reflect these programs.

Christmas Party location: Young asked the members of the board to check with the members to see anyone can host the annual Christmas party at their house/clubhouse.

Nominating Committee Elected in September – the list of members selected for the Nominating Committee for the 2022 JCC Board will be presented to the membership at the next meeting on September 1st.

Meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m..

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