Jacksonville Camera Club Board Meeting Minutes – October 11, 2021 – Young McQueen’s House – 7:00 p.m.

JCC Executive Board   Invited Guests
Absent Name Position   Absent Name Position
P Young McQueen President      
P Jeff Garbow Vice President      
P Brian Leonard Treasurer      
P Gail Means Secretary      
A Kathy Jaworski Director R      
P Craig Shier Director S      
A Anita Fanic Director T      


Order – Young McQueen called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

Opening this is the next to the last meeting with the exception of the meeting that the Board will be meeting in November.  Date in November TBD.

Secretary Report (Minutes) Motion to accept the Minutes from the June 10th and August 16th 2021.

Seconded by Young McQueen


Treasurer’s Report – Brian Leonard

Audit 2020 gave to Jan Vallely to get the audit done–$11,853.00 current balance.

OLD BUSINESS (w/Motions)

Motion 1:

Invitation to Join as Legacy Members

Young McQueen moved that:

An invitation to join the Club as a Legacy Member be extended to:

Jennifer Lowell

Joice Ira

Pat Adams

Seconded by Jeff Garbow



Motion 2:

Bylaws Change: Revision of Points System and Lifetime Member Program

I move that

The following section of the bylaws be removed and placed in the website under the section “Bylaws Plus”. The details therein be henceforth under the approval of the Club’s Executive Board.

Article VII (Honors Program . . . )

Section (D)  Point System, Section (E) and Section (F).

Note: There is no Section C in this Article.


Young McQueen moved that:

ARTICLE I – Membership be modified to read:

Any real person may join the Club. Membership is subject to review and approval by the Executive Board and the payment of dues.

 Membership levels are as follows:


Description Pays Dues Special Qualifications Votes & Incl in quorum requirement Contests Participation Comments Access to Website
Member Full None Yes Yes   Yes
Family Half or as specified by Exec. Board Shares household with a member Yes Yes Limited to one per Member Yes
Fellow Full Points as per website Yes Yes Subject to approval of Exec Board Yes
Fellow – Lifetime No Points as per website Yes Yes No new prospects after 1/1/2022, no new awards after 1/1/2032. Candidates must opt in during 2022. See comments below Yes
Fellow – Lifetime (inactive) No Choice of Fellow or if become non responsive No No Become active upon request to Exec. B. No
Retired Half or as specified by Exec. Board Member for min. Five years. Generally inactive but still a member


No No   Yes
Honorary Membership Types No   Designated by Executive Board No No Subject to annual review





Comments on Fellow/Lifetime Membership: This membership type is being sunsetted, that is, deleted at a future date. All present Lifetime members (paying no dues) are to continue without change as long as they are members of the club. Other members as of 1/1/2022 may become lifetime members in accordance with the details on the website. They must opt into that track during 2022. Those choosing to not opt into the lifetime member track and new members (joining after 1/1/2022) may obtain a Fellowship membership with dues as detailed on the website. Lifetime members may choose to revert to Fellowship membership and pay dues at any time. This decision is not reversible.

 ARTICLE II – Finance be modified to read:

The Club operates on a calendar year, cash basis. Expenses are paid with the approval of the Executive Board directly or through a budget process. Club dues are set by the Executive Board.

This motion was discussed at length and at the time of this meeting nothing had been agreed on by the board.


NEW BUSINESS (w/Motions)


Motion 3:

Nomination Committee Alternate Members

Young McQueen moved that:

The following members be appointed to replace members on the nominating committee, for the 2022 Executive Board only, if needed to conform to the requirements of the Club’s bylaws as needed in the order indicated below.



Position Name
First Alternate Lloyd Granat


Second Alternate Tanya Metaska


Third Alternate John Neel


Fourth Alternate Keith Garrett


Fifth Alternate Dick Cardell



Seconded by Craig Shier


Motion 4:

Approve Nomination of Paula Esworthy as Webmaster and Director

Young McQueen moved that:

Paula Esworthy be approved as Webmaster and Director effective December 1, 2021 to fulfill the term of Kathy Jaworski.

          Seconded by Jeff Garbow



OLD BUSINESS (w/o Motions)



Link to Board Motions Results: https://airtable.com/shrT1eTx54jtsOgsz – this will take you to that link to see the motions that were approved.


Moving to SOTW Southside: Nothing Happening – at the time of this board meeting the property had not been sold.

Review Budget:  Discussion on the budget.


Christmas Party location: Will be checking out house on the SOTW property to see if the club can have it there. Will not be able to have alcoholic beverages on the premises.

Nominating Committee Presenting Slate in September.


Awards Banquet 2022: Go forward w/ safety net – The date of the banquet will be January 22, 2022.  Will have a selection of chicken, fish, or vegetarian entrée.  Based on head count will determine how much dollars per person.


NEW BUSINESS (w/o Motions)


Program Committee Chair/Contest Chairs: Schedule through 2021 discussion.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:21 p.m.


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