Jacksonville Camera Club Board Meeting Minutes – June 10, 2021 – 7:00 p.m. -SOTW Portable Classroom

JCC Executive Board   Invited Guests
Absent Name Position   Absent Name Position
P Young McQueen President A Jan Vallely Membership Chair
P Jeff Garbow Vice President P Dave Wholey Outings Chair
P Brian Leonard Treasurer A Tanya Metaska Chair Educ Comm
P Gail Means Secretary A Tim Davis Print Chair
A Kathy Jaworski Director R A Karen Sirnick Digital Chair
A Craig Shier Director S A Ted Floore Asst Print Chair
P Anita Fanic Director T      


Meeting called to Order at 7:04 p.m…

Opening: Young McQueen – Welcome those members that were in attendance.

Secretary Report (Minutes) – Motion to accept the minutes from the Board Meeting on February 23, 2021

Seconded by Jeff Garbow


Treasurer’s Report – Brian Leonard – Balance in account is $12,360.00

Insurance renewal – will be in August

IRS Return – have not heard back yet.


OLD BUSINESS (w/Motions)

Motion: By Young McQueen

Accept SOTW Southside’s Offer to Host JCC Meetings – Young moved that the Shepherd of the Woods’ offer to host JCC Monthly Meetings at the Southside location be accepted.  The following caveat applies:

  • The Club will not move until the contract selling the present location (SOTW-Lakeside) has been closed.

Discussion – Once he SOTW closes and the 45 days from that date we will move.

Seconded by Anita Fanic



Motion: By Young McQueen


Contest Fees to Judges in 2022 – Moved that a program be instigated for 2022 to evaluate if paying judges will result in better quality critiques/comments for the entries.

To cover, at least partially, this added cost fees will be assessed and collected as follows:

Print Contest: Two dollars for judging/critique and two dollars for shipping contingency per print.  Paid in cash with the submission.

Digital Contest:  Annual fee, paid online for the entire year: $25.00.  Treasurer will have online verification available for the Digital Chair to verify the member’s status.

Accommodations for first year members?

Judging/Critique fee per contest: $100, all inclusive.

Annual Contests fees:

Print: Judge and Guest given ticket to banquet

Digital: No fee since no comments or critique.

Banquet shortfalls are covered in budget.


Seconded by Anita Fanic

Discussion: A new motion was moved that this item be tabled until next meeting.

Seconded by:  Brian Leonard




Motion: by Young McQueen


Create Special Interest Group: Fundamentals of Photography, etc.:  Moved to be created.

Leader will be Rebecca Janssen – with a budget of $50.00 for supplies.

Discussion of the new program.

Seconded by Brian Leonard



NEW BUSINESS (w/Motions)

Motion: by Young McQueen moved to

Create Pseudo-Membership Type, Gold Star Member – The Pseudo-Membership Type, “Gold Star Member” be created with the following characteristics:

Honorific designation bestowed on spouses or significant relatives of deceased members.

No Dues.

No Voting Rights.

No counting as a member for legal or quorum purposes.

No participations in events where active membership is required.

Access to the website.

Included in invitation to the Annual Banquet(not comped).

Moved to inactive status if requested by G.S. member or if becomes non-responsive.

Included in mailings as appropriate.

Designation attained be being nominated by any member and approved by the board.

Seconded by Anita Fanic

Discussion: a new motion was made to table until a new name is considered.

Seconded by Jeff Garbow




OLD BUSINESS (w/o Motions)

Review Budget: Awards

Please be ready to discuss the cost of all awards, individually and let’s consider reducing the number of expensive ones and/or reducing the cost of each.

Crown Trophy Invoice (for 2020) –

Discussion was made on checking out alternatives on some of the awards that are presented on a yearly basis to see of more cost effective means.


Income Update – Amount of dues for the coming 2022 year at 65 people at $40.00 would be equal to $2,600.00.



Program Committee Chair: Schedule through 2021 discussion –

June 16th – Olis Garber

July 7th – 2nd Triannual Digital Results – Olis Garber

August 4th – Michael Cenci – Wildlife & Nature Photography

August 18th – 2nd Triannual Print Results –

Christmas Party location:  Asking the club members to volunteer to have the Annual Party at their house.


Review of adherence to PSA regs and to Themes – making sure that members are adhering to the rules of the competitions.


NEW BUSINESS (w/o Motions)



Special Interest Group: Studio Lighting – Rick Hartmann donating lights to the club for use but the issue is where to store the lights.


Nominating Committee Elected in September – The first meeting is to ask members for volunteering for the committee.


Awards Banquet 2022 – The Annual Banquet has been scheduled for January 22, 2022.


Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

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