Jacksonville Architecture


A day outing, including a 3 hour tour led by Craig Shier (3 - 6 PM)  and then we'll head to Southbank for the sunset occurring at 7:32 PM


Downtown Jacksonville at the Landing.



Outing Leader:  Craig Shier
Cell # 571 224 5760

** You may text Craig to check in if you cannot travel with the tour but you are still participating by photographing Jax architecture that day.



October 13, 2018.

Cancelled - Village Bread Cafe in the Landing has been closed. Any lunch plans are now among the members. Tour by Craig is still a go:

We will meet at 2:45 PM street side at the Jacksonville Landing near The Village Bread Cafe for a 3 - 6 PM walking tour of downtown Jacksonville lead by Craig Shier.

Subsequent to Craig's tour we'll travel to the Southbank for refreshments and to take sunset pictures.

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Registered Attendees

Gear Recommendations

A wide to medium zoom lens , Ex. 24 - 120 mm, 24 - 200 mm or similar.

A 16 - 35 mm for wider views of buildings.

A Tripod is necessary for sunset images at Southbank.

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