It almost August

It’s almost August.  For someone who was brought up in the Northern tier of the United States,  New England, August was the END of summer.  I always thought that “The September Song” where the lyrics go “When days dwindle down to a precious few September November” marked the end of summer. Now living in Florida, I have learned August is really only the beginning of Hurricane Season and summer is sure to persist for several more months.

As I wrote last month, new free and interesting classes seem to have “dwindled” to a rarity, so I though this blog would cover some different topics that are photo related in different ways. 

Recently I needed to make a gradient to an image in Photoshop. In Lightroom there is a gradient slider that you can use, but unfortunately in PS there is no menu item. So I googled looking for “vignettes in Photoshop.”  I found lots of suggestions many of them straight forward and some rather interesting. Here are a few of my finds: six ways, adobe’s help or even a free from Blake Rudis using Blend-If

I follow and interesting author, Robin Sloan, online and he led me to  an online essay by Robin Rendle titled “In Praise of Shadows.”  What I thought was interesting was author’s use of text overlying photographs that appear to be vertical composites. This website differs depending upon the hardware you are using to view it— on a webpage, iPad or even a smart phone (iPhone/Samsung— which ever phone variety you have.) The author is partial to shadows in images and the short essay is an interesting read and extremely well done visually. A different way to view photographs.

So Stay Cool…Summer is still with us and, as I have discovered, it will be here through “hurricane season.”


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