Intentional Camera Movement Workshop

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Anita Fanic will present an indoor Intentional Camera Movement workshop. Techniques for creating abstract images that change our usual perception of a scene will be presented and demonstrated.

Individual table top kiosks will be available for your use in applying the various techniques presented.

ICM offers an opportunity to break free from the rigors and rules of photography through whimsical interpretations of common scenes or items.



Date Saturday October 8, 2022

Time  11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Admission Fees






Contact -   Dave Wholey
904 322 4004

Parking Info - Parking in the Shepard of the Woods lot used for our meetings.

Entrance Info - The workshop will take place in the room we use for our biweekly meetings


No special transportation  is provided


To be determined


Schedule of Events

We will start the presentation and technicque demonstrations at 11 AM with actual  hands on shooting starting at the end of the presentation.

Anita will be present throughout the workshop to work individually with members as questions develop.

The workshop will end at 1:00 PM for dismantling the kiosks and returning the room to church configuration for services that evening.


Mirrorless or DSLR cameras with adjustable shutter speed and apertures offer best results for the techniques presented. Zoom lenses ranging from 14 MM through 70mm will work well.

Neutral density filters may, depending on room lighting, may be helpful in getting shutter speed in the range needed for some techniques. Tripods will not be used with these techniques.

Other Tips

For those not familiar with ICM, come prepared to enjoy free form expressive photography session where anything goes. There are no rules, only how to suggestions.



Shepard of the woods Church, South side Blvd

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