Have You Missed a Meeting? Find past member presentations here!

Recently, we’ve had some wonderful presentations by our very own club members.  If you weren’t able to attend a meeting and discovered afterwards that you wish you had access to the plethora of information shared, then fear not!  The club library has been updated to include the following presentations:

5/1/19: The Rocks at Marineland, by Brian Leonard

2/6/19: How Judges Judge (Competition Tips), by John Neel

To view these (and other) club member presentations, visit the club Library today! (You must be LOGGED IN to view the library, available under the Resources member menu.)

*Do you have a presentation that you’d like to share with the club?  We’d be happy to add yours to the library, also!  
**Would you like to be the Club Librarian?  We are currently looking for someone to fill that role, but in the interim, continue sending requests to jaxcc.library@gmail.com

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