Glennie Salon Results 2020

JCC received two Honors awards at the 2020 Glennie Salon from our 10 submissions. Bronwyn Horvath, for "Baby Fur Seals Playing" and Marek Pawlowicz for "Just Smell the Roses".

Nine of our photos were selected for inclusion in the final slide show. Additionally we scored 9th overall out of 68 clubs in the diversity competition and 32nd in total score.

Full results are posted in a dropbox folder.

You don't need a dropbox  ID to view the files or slideshow.

If you have any observations on the images or slideshow, please comment below.

Baby Fur Seals Playing
Just Smell the Roses

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  1. Fantastic results for the Glennie competition. Congrats to the winners. Nine out of 10 getting into the slide show is great. That is recognition by the judges of the quality of our images. I hope we have more great images to choose from next year.

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