Glennie Salon Results 2019

The results of the Glennie Salon Competition are in.

The competition included a total of 646 images with 65 clubs participating; 45 clubs from the United States and 20 international clubs. The results have been posted on the Glennie Website:

These are downloadable PDFs with detailed lists of club scores and awards. You will also find the slide show (45 minutes, downloadable mp4 movie).

Below is a link to our club’s scorecard for the images we submitted.

Jacksonville Camera Club Results

Besides the award winners, some images are listed as “Acceptance”. Don’t be alarmed, all the images we submitted were judged and participated in the competition. “Acceptance” means that although the image was not an award winner, it was one of the higher scoring images, and is included in the slideshow. To achieve acceptance, a score of 21 or greater had to be awarded.

Along with the five Top Scoring Clubs, there were five Club Diversity Awards. The winners were determined by totaling the highest score achieved in each category (DScore column) that the club participated in.

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