Glennie Nature Salon’s JCC Winners

JCC Member Wins Best–in–Catagory Award

Brownlyn Horvath has won this award for her image, Elephant Seals Playing. The category was Marine and Freshwater.

Elephant Seals Playing by Bronwyn Horvath

Dirk Den Boef, the long-time administrator of the contest for the club stated that this is the first “Best in Category” we have won. He went on to say,

“We really outdid ourselves this year. Thanks to the highest participation since we started entering the contest(7O entries vs less than 30 average in the previous years), we scored the best ever. Special honors go to Bronwyn for her beautiful image “Elephant Seals Playing”, which received a “Best in category” award, no small achievement when you check the images she was competing with. I hope we will continue this trend the next year. With a bit more diversity we should be able to score near the top of the clubs.
           Some other stats. We ranked 37th out of the 80 clubs participating. The highest score was 253 our score was 231.
          I am impressed with the performance of the participants. I am especially pleased with
the images that some of our newer members entered.”                                  Dirk Den Boef

The two other members winning awards were: Marek Pawlowitz, for his Food Fight (Merit Award)

Food Fight by Marek Pawlowicz
Whale In Flight by Chuck Shealy

and Chuck Shealy, for his Whale In Flight (Merit Award). Both of these talented photographers are newcommers to the club.

Dirk did not mention it, but a large part of the success of the JCC in this year’s Salon was due to the two judges: Dirk Den Boef and Chuck Shealy. While neither judge was able to vote on his own image, they worked tirelessly to make what became a joint decision.

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