Glennie Nature Salon 2019 Entries

The Glennie Nature Salon, conducted by the Merrimack Valley Camera Club, is one of the premier nature photography contests. Awards are given to individual photographs and also to the clubs that submit the best set of photographs.

Camera Clubs are invited to submit 10 images in various nature categories. No more than two photographs made by one individual may be submitted.

Images must conform to the PSA definition of Nature.

The Jacksonville Camera Club invited members to submit images during the month of January for consideration as the club’s entries for 2019.

Many thanks to the many members who submitted more than 40 images for consideration.

Images were selected by a panel who scored and then jointly negotiated the 10 images for entry to the Glennie Salon.

The judging for the Salon will be conducted on 6 April.

The final selections for the JCC entry are shown below, alphabetically by title.

Adult Tachinid Fly Taking Nectar by D. Charise Tanner

Bee and Aphid by Jon Montigny

Cranberry Glade by Anita Fanic

Dewy Venusta Orchard Spider by D. Charise Tanner

Feeding Eyes by Jon Montigny

Jumper by Marek Pawlowicz

Lovely Lotus by Richard Bryce

Nutcracker by Marek Pawlowicz

Western Vista by Bronwyn Horvath

Wild Macaque Vietnam by Bronwyn Horvath

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