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Jacksonville Camera Club
Intentional Camera Movement Workshop by Anita Fanic


Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) is a technique used in photography to produce an illusion of movement to a still image.  By moving the camera in various different ways and using longer exposures, a typical scene or subject will be magically transformed.

This is a very freeing form of photography without any rules and allows a wide range of creativity in expressing a mood or emotion.It’s also fun to make abstracts and have people guessing what it is!

Being a purist at heart, this technique allows me to create all of my images in camera with a minimal amount of post processing.I have dabbled in ICM photography for about ten years.  My love for abstract art has motivated my passion for this type of photography.  Probably 90% of my photography is created with ICM and I can’t seem to get enough of it!

I belong to the Jacksonville Camera Club and I have enjoyed sharing my creativity and knowledge with this wonderful group. I will be conducting an outdoor ICM workshop on Saturday, April 10th at Tide Views and Dutton Island Preserves in Jacksonville.

You are welcome to join us as a guest on that day.  If you have an interest in any type of photography, please come to one of our meetings.

We would love to see you there!

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