F3C Year End Awards for JCC Members

Once again, in 2020, JCC members have excelled in the F3C Year End Competition. Our winners are shown below. The full results can be found on the F3C website.

Digital Color Advanced

First Place - Bronwyn Horvath - Glacier Trail

Bronwyn Horvath, "Glacier Trail"

Digital Color Beginner - Second Place - Lloyd Granat - Nest Building

Lloyd Granat, "Nest Building"

Print Monochrome

First Place - Darrel Joseph - Tall Cypress

Darrel Joseph, "Tall Cypress"

Second Place - Julius Dean - Tools of Trade

Julius Dean, "Tools of Trade"

Color Advanced Print 

Third Place - Richard Bryce - Bonobo and Her Baby

Richard Bryce, "Bonobo and Her Baby"

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