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Happy November! We have a Lunar Eclipse

By JCC Education Chair | November 2, 2022 | 0 Comments

Happy November! We have a Lunar Eclipse

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Zodiacal Light in September

By JCC Education Chair | September 2, 2022 | 0 Comments

September for outdoor photographers

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It almost August

By JCC Education Chair | July 28, 2022 | 0 Comments

It’s Almost August in 2022

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It’s June — More Photography tutorials available

By JCC Education Chair | June 9, 2022 | 0 Comments

More photography classes available in June.

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Total Eclipse of Moon night of May 15-16

By JCC Education Chair | May 11, 2022 | 0 Comments

Total Eclipse of Moon on night of May 15-16

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Photoshop Virtual Summit #4 begins May 2 8:00 AM EDT

By JCC Education Chair | April 18, 2022 | 0 Comments

Photoshop Virtual Summit #4 is less than 2 weeks away

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Spring has sprung — new Education for April and May

By JCC Education Chair | April 1, 2022 | 0 Comments

New educational opportunities in April and May 2022

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More education for March 2022

By JCC Education Chair | March 9, 2022 | 0 Comments

March is sure blowing in like a Lion with educational opportunities!

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10 for 10 in March

By JCC Education Chair | March 1, 2022 | 2 Comments

Lots of tutorials in the first 10 days of March…

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Kristi Odom tutorial on 2/22/22 and some thoughts on online learning

By JCC Education Chair | February 21, 2022 | 0 Comments

A new tutorial for 2/22/22 and some thoughts on online learning.

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A glitch in Photoshop Camera Raw & training on Sony Cameras

By JCC Education Chair | January 14, 2022 | 0 Comments

Fix for problem with Camera Raw for Photoshop and new classes for Sony cameras

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Welcome to the 2022 JCC Education page

By JCC Education Chair | December 31, 2021 | 0 Comments

A new Year, an updated layout and a new class from a known instructor. Welcome to 2022!

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August 2021 More Education Information for JCC Members

By JCC Education Chair | August 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

August 2021 Update on photography and post processing tutorials. Also a heads-up on the 2021 Adobe Max schedule for October.

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Current & Future Tutorials

The asterisk in from of a class signifies that it has recently been added.

Tutorial DateTime: All times are Eastern Daylight timeTopicClass TitlePresenter/TeacherCostHow to access
Unfortunately, no classes at this time.
For classes that are listed from 9:00 PMthey are presented 6:00 PM PDT making them 9:00 PM EDTUpdated-12/07/2022 18:22


Virtual Workshops & Self-Paced Learning

This listing is in reverse date order, so the latest videos are in the beginning. You can change the date order for your listing by clicking at the top of the Tutorial Date column. Also, a new column has been added to give the JCC member the ability to look for or sort by topic covered in the video. If you decide to sort then it will list the topics in alphabetical order. To save space only the first 10 videos are listed, but to see the complete list of videos there is a NEXT button at the bottom of the table.

Date first uploadedInstructional Videos for the following photographyTopic coveredPresenterEvent LinkNotes
*PhotographyPhotograph lighthouses along with the Milky Way and Star Trails:Chris Nicholson & Photo PillsREGISTERThis was a class I missed posting but it is now on YouTube.
11-26-22PhotoshopColor curves in PSBlake RudisREGISTERThis is an intermediate to advanced tutorial on using the Color Curves inside the curves adjustment in photoshop. Worth spending some time on it.
11-2-22PhotoshopInfo Panel - Tips & TricksBen WillmoreWatchTips & Tricks from Ben Willmore
9-19-22PhotoshopUnderstanding Color ModesBen WillmoreWATCH

this tutorial goes along with several other Ben Willmore tutorials in this list dealing with Color
9-17-22PhotoshopHow To Resize an Image
WITHOUT Stretching It
Jesus Ramirez WATCH
9-12-22PhotoshopBlack Generation in CMYKBen WillmoreWATCH

The process of converting from RGB to CMYK is more complicated that you might think. I'll manually convert an image to give you an idea of how black is produced.
08-25-22Photoshop*Wildlife Compose in PhotoshopMatt KloskowskiREGISTERa tutorial on focus stacking in Photoshop
08-22-22Photoshop*How RGB & CMYK work in PhotoshopBen WillmoreWATCH
08-15-22LightroomPresetsTim Grey REGISTERIf you need some help with presets in LR, this is a good class.
08-11-22PhotoshopImproving Quality Using 16-bit Mode in PhotoshopBen WillmoreWATCH
Have you been confused about bit? 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit. This is the best discussion of this topic.
08-02-22LightroomStreamlined Organization in Lightroom Classic with Tim GreyTim GreyWATCHthis is a replay of the video that was listed on 8/2.
07-28-22PhotoshopBlend-If and VignettesBlake RudisWATCHinteresting method of making vignettes
06-06-22PhotoshopWhy Layer Effects and Clipped Layers work differently when Applying Blending ModesBen WillmoreWATCHThese four tutorials from Ben Willmore plus the July 13 one above deal with Blending modes, groups and other important advanced topics.
06-06-22PhotoshopBlending Options: Knockout Deep & ShallowBen WillmoreWATCH
06-06-22PhotoshopAdvanced Blending -- Fill OpacityBen WillmoreWATCH
05-31-22PhotoshopWhy Are PS groups Pass Through Instead of NormalBen WillmoreWATCH
05-29-22PhotographyWaterfall PhotographyMark Denny & PhotoPillWATCH
05-15-2022PhotoshopBlending Options: RGB CheckboxesBen WillmoreWATCH
04-25-22PhotoshopAdvanced Blending: Fill OpacityBen WillmoreWATCH
04-24-2022PhotographyHow to Shoot Stunning Night PanoramasPhotoPills & David Swindler WATCHthis is a repeat of a video in the list dated 04/18/2022
04-18-22Lightroom ClassicMatching Colors in Lightroom ClassicBen WillmoreWATCHa useful technique
04-01-2022PhotoshopMagically Change Focus in PhotoshopColin SmithWATCHChange depth of field in Photoshop
03-29-22PhotographyCapture Hacks and Experimental PhotographyTamronREGISTER
2022-02-22Wildlife Photography with Kristie OdomPhotography--WildlifeKristi Odom & PhotoPillsWATCH
2022-01-15Lightroom Classic and ACR Spot Removal Tool for Dust SpotsLightroomBen WillmoreWATCHclever technique to remove dust spots
2022-01-15Taking Lightroom Classic Labels to the Next LevelLightroomBen WillmoreWATCHAn interesting concept for labeling photos in LR
2022-01-10Use Edge Masks to fix Transition IssuesPhotoshopBen Willmore WATCHThis was a lesson from December 2021 which is a great concept for post processing.
2021-12-21Favorite Settings in Lightroom ClassicLightroom ClassicTim GreyWATCHGrey goes through most of the settings used most frequently in Lightroom Classic
2021-12-18Uncommon Text EffectsPhotoshopBen WillmoreWATCHIf you want to know some interesting things to do with text, watch this
2021-12-18How to Focus Stack for Tack Sharp LandscapesPhotography & PhotoPillsIsabella Tabacchi & PhotopillsWATCHFocus Stacking in Lanscapes sounds very cool!
2021-12-03Quick Actions in PhotoshopPhotoshopColin SmithWATCHSome Clever tips that I never knew existed in PS
2021-11-24*Photography & Post Processing: Landscapes & CityscapesPhotopills & PhotoshopPhotopills- Kenneth HinesWATCHAn almost 2 hour discussion of photography and post processing.
2021-10-23Managing Your Photoshop PresetsPhotoshopColin SmithWATCH
A very useful video to keep PS presets safe and discoverable.
2021-09-22Nikon Z CamerasCamera GearThis video is still up, but may be taken down at any time.WATCH
2021-09-20CameraCamera GearSony Tips & TricksWATCHFor Sony Camera owners
2021-09-14Creating Cinemagraphs with PhotoshopPhotoshopChris ConverseWATCHI watched this video and found it very interesting. If you like to do social media posts, it may be for you.
2021-08-17Fotopro Seminar by Ian Plant: Creative Landscape Photography TechniquesPhotographyIan PlantWATCHThis is the YouTube video of the landscaping seminar that was live on August 16, 2021
2021-08-01Content Aware FillPhotoshop Matt KloskowskiWATCHThis is a short video on using Content Aware fill in Photoshop
2021-07-22I Wish I’d Known That! Photoshop Power Techniques for PhotographersPhotoshopJesus RamirezWATCHa free and useful tutorial on Photoshop 2021 tips and tricks
2021-07-22Mastering the Art of Dodge and BurnPhotoshopKristina SherkWATCHThis is a YouTube video on Dodging and Burning in skin retouching
2021-07-22I Wish I’d Known That! Photoshop Power Techniques for Photographers
PhotoshopJesus RamirezWATCHYouTube video of tips and tricks
2021-05-27Working with Layers-3 tipsPhotoshopColin SmithWATCHThis is a free useful tutorial from a very good teacher of Photoshop.
2021-04-14Photography: Understanding LandscapesPhotographyErin Babnik and Photo Pills apWATCH
I did not watch this class, but use PhotoPills app on my phone.
2021-03-29Get Started with Photo PrintingPrintingMike PayneWATCH I watched this class and found the basic information on printing quite useful.
2021-03-24Photography--CompositionPhotographyJose Benito RuizWATCH
This is a YouTube video of the class that was given on March 24
2021-03-24Photography-Portrait & Post Processing: Everyday Headshots: Pro Shooting and Editing TipsPhotography & Post ProcessingKristina Sherk & AdobeWATCH
This is a YouTube video of the class that was given on March 24
2021-03-15Optimizing Landscape PhotosPhotography, Lightroom Classic & PhotoshopTim GreyWATCH
This is a YouTube video of the class that Tim Grey hosted

Virtual Workshops
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Interesting online Articles

If you are looking for Tips & Tricks for Photography & Post Processing, check out these online quick Reads!

Title of the ArticleTopicGo to Article
Fix Photoshop's Jagged Brush StrokesPhotoshop - brushesREAD
Understanding Exposure Modes
Photoshop Super ResolutionPhotoshop - FeaturesREAD

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