Dudley Farm Homestead Outing, May 19

A few changes have been made to the Saturday, May 19th, outing to Dudley Farm.

We’re having a picnic lunch on the farm around 11:45.   Bring your lunch and JCC will furnish drinks and a simple dessert.   This will allow a break and a short return to the homestead for photographers.  The picnic will be at the tables in the parking lot so you can leave your food in the car.

The gates will open at 7:30 for those wishing to get an early start.   You need to have a $5 bill ready to put in the registration box at the entrance to the parking lot ($5 per carload).  After  you park, walk past the first building on the left  (restrooms) and take the next path to the left.   That will take you right to the homestead.

Most of the rooms on the homestead have restricted entrance, IOW you can look through the doorway but not enter.   Last time we were in Dudley we could take tripods into the rooms to shoot before the 9a.m. regular opening.  We will attempt to get that courtesy again this year so get there early if you want to take advantage of that privledge.

Sandra @ Dudley said they will have the “mule” available for those who need a ride to the homestead.   The mule is a motor driven beast.

If you have any questions, please contact Jan V. @ 904 635 8688    or vallelyj@gmail.com.    Thanks to Mike Rexroad for excellent outing information.

Hope to see you at the farm.    And in case we make further additions/changes,  please make sure you register on the outing post so we can add you to the contact list.  Use the link below for quick access.


Here’s the link to the outing:     Dudley Farm Outing Information

Dudley Farm



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