Creating a Photo Album

Celia Carson’s presentation of creating a photo album and digital scrapbooking is available with the link below.

Creating a Photo Album

Also in the comments section is a list of starter packs that Celia recommends.

Note:  There are “Thursday Sales” so use the Wish List function.


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  1. From Celia…..
    So… let’s see. If I were new to this and starting out, I would start with what is on sale. Here’s a couple that I own and on sale today and have gotten a lot of use out of: (this one have used dozens of times) (this is what I used for my Africa book – oddly enough I also used on a friends wedding pictures- so it’s pretty versatile) (use this all the time) (many uses of these)

    Not on sale but my favorite paper sets:

    Also not on sale but really fun:

    On Sale today, I don’t have but would recommend to you: (not sure about the paperclip on these, but they look like fun) (these look fun, I would probably use just one of these on the page and use the plain frames on the rest of the page) (actually just purchased this) (if you want to put multiple pictures on a page – these will make it easy) (these are just really pretty)

    So these are your fault, I just bought today. I’ve attached a couple so you can get an idea of things look like:

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