Digital Contest
Image Submissions

The Three Steps

This will give you an overview of the JCC's Quarterly Digital Contest. The summary of the steps follows and links to the pages that provide details and further links to enter the contest is on the left sidebar.

When you have gotten this far you are certifying by entering the contest that you have read the rules and traditions of the contest and fully understand the same in their entirety.

Enjoy the contest and feel free to make comments especially those that may result in an improved contest.

Step One

Prepare your images for submission.

This includes having them of the proper format and size. Naming of the filenames has become particular importance now since the images are co-mingled then separated by a sort on the filename.

Step Two

Register your images.

This is a new step that was previously combined with the image uploading process. It is now a separate step and consist of completing a form that identifies you as the owner of the noted image.

Step Three

Upload your images to the contest.

The entries can be uploaded at one go. Almost too easy.


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