Digital Contest Themes Q3 2018

General, Composite and Solitude are the themes for the Q3 digital contest.

The composite theme will be a challenge to all because of the imagination and skills needed to create a composite.  There are 3 full months until the Q3 deadline which gives us all time to learn and create.  One of the reasons the digital contest has themes is to encourage us to do new work and learn new photographic techniques.

The JCC Library is one place to start finding information about composites.  Kathy Jaworski has added articles and tutorials about the topic.  Click here for Composite Info JCC Library

A composite can be as simple as 2-3 images combined or as complicated as the one shown below that Bronwyn entered in 2016.   Make sure you read the “guidelines” listed below about the composite requirements and you can find examples of JCC members’ creations in the 2016 digital competition on the website:  Galleries/Contests/Digital Contest/2016/Composites Q3.

Themes are being considered now for digital contests in 2019.   If you would like to suggest a past theme you liked or a new theme, please contact the digital chair.

Themes for Q3, 2018

GENERAL     Theme “A

There are no restrictions in this theme.   It can be any subject and any editing technique as long as the image was created from 2016 to 2018 (dates apply to all themes, all quarters).

COMPOSITE     Theme “B”

Composite Guidelines
Composites present special issues. Generally they should be photographic in makeup and all elements should have been photographed by the entrant. If one image is dominant it, at the least, should be taken within the prescribed time frame. Other elements such as textures and created shapes, etc.,  from within a program such as Photoshop are allowed. The compositing work definitely should be done within the specified time frame 2016-2018.

SOLITUDE     Theme “C”

From Ed Shafer “Stockvault”
Sometimes, either by choice or by design, we find ourselves alone. Solitude is a powerful thing, and it is frequently used as a way to reflect on a situation or to experience emotions while alone.
Solitude works really well in photography as it allows for great composition and contrast.      Examples of Solitude in Photography

Thank you for participating in the digital contests.      Rules for all digital contests are here.


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