Digital Contest Themes 2018

Photo by Bill McSherry

There are revisions to the 2018 digital contest themes.   In Quarter 1, a general category has been added to encourage participation and to give you the ability to enter one of your favorite images with no subject limitations.

The first quarter themes for 2018 are Faces, General and Water Reflections.

General is an open category which includes any "appropriate" image for viewing in the church's sanctuary.

Faces can be a person's face,  the moon's face, a clock's face, an animal's face, a pumpkin's face or a suggested face in the clouds.  Your image can be of a single face or multiple faces processed in a realistic or creative way.

Water Reflections could range from the Teton mountains reflected in a lake to a straw's reflection in a glass of water; a reflection in water of a person or building or colors reflected in water.   Again, it can be realistic or creative.

Digital themes for 2018 are listed on the website: Contest|All Contests|Digital Contest.

Have comments, suggestions, questions about the digital contests?  email Jan Vallely at

There are some exciting judges lined up for 2018 and we hope you participate in all contests so clean your camera equipment and start shooting!


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