Quarter 2 Digital Contest Themes

The digital themes for Quarter 2 are:
Outings         Panorama          Window Light

    Images in the Outings category can be any type of image, edited in any way you wish and must have been captured at a JCC outing or event.  
    The Panorama theme should be comprised of at least three separate images and those images could be taken vertically or horizontally of any type of subject.  
    If you need a refresher course or an entire education on how to create a panorama, links to tutorials are available in the JCC library.
    Click Here for Pano Info in JCC Library
    Window light should be the main source of light for the image.   Reflectors can certainly be used but one source of natural lighting should be evident in the image.

Digital themes for 2018 were revised in November, 2017, adding general or outing categories to each quarter in the hopes of encouraging new and not-so-new members to participate in the contests.  Digital contest rules and themes for 2018 are listed on the website: Contest|All Contests|Digital Contest.  2018 themes are also shown at bottom of this blog.

 As with all other digital themes, images should have been taken only during the current year and the two previous years (2016, 2017 and 2018).   Ensure that the date/ year on your camera(s) is correct. Images not conforming to year requirements will not be entered.

The judge for the second quarter is Christine Cook!  
JCC Resources - Judge Information

The submission dates for 2nd quarter digitals are March 1 - March 31, 2018.  If you have questions about entering the digital contests, please email vallelyj@gmail.com or call 904 635 8688.   Have a suggestion for a digital contest theme for 2019?  Email your ideas, please. 

Image Credits:  "Mirrored", Julius Dean
"I Am Wise", Andrea Wilsie

YearQuarterTheme TagThemeSubmit DatesResult DateJudge
20181stAGeneralJan 1–31March 7Olis Garber
20181stBFacesJan 1–31March 7
20181stCWater ReflectionsJan 1–31March 7
20182ndAOutingsMar 1–31June 6Christine Cook
20182ndBPanoramaMar 1–31June 6
20182ndCWindow LightMar 1–31June 6
20183rdAGeneralJun 1–30Aug 1Rachel Brockey
20183rdBCompositeJun 1–30Aug 1
20183rdCSolitudeJun 1–30Aug 1
20184thAGeneralSept 1-30Dec 5Ginger Sheridan
20184thBBlack & White CityscapeSept 1-30Dec 5
20184thCPatternsSept 1-30Dec 5
Descriptions of Digital Themes available on JCC Website Contest/All Contests/Digital Contest
Note: Links to Judges do not work if you are not logged into the website.

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