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Prepare your images for submission.With the new process and the state of the art of faster computers it is now feasible to increase the size limits of images submitted into competition. The new limit corresponds to the common size of a HD monitor or 1920 x 1080 pixels. Stay at or within that limit and use JPEG (JPG) format and it will work fine. These limits will confine the mg size so we will not limit that. Images with more detail compress less but it is rare that the size would exceed 2 to 3 mg.
Color space will be automatically adjusted to sRGB.

Please name you image filenames as follows (this is very important):

YYYYQ?T?-your title.jpg

Example:       2016Q3TB-My Best Image Ever.jpg

Q3 is the third quarter

TB is Theme B. 

The "-" is a dash not an underscore.

All themes will be designated A, B or C. See theme table on Digital Contest Guideline page.


Please do not have your name on the image or as part of the filename.
Many have found it convenient to have all three images in a handy folder. You know, when you win, you will be asked for the image again.


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