Digital Contest Gallery 2022

Presented here are the entries for JCC's digital contest for 2022.

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  • First Place – Brian Leonard, Death Valley Dunes
  • Second Place – Anita Fanic, Spring into Motion
  • Third Place – Celia Carson, Tiny
  • Fourth Place – Lloyd Granat, Still Hungry
  • Honors – Julius Dean, Dream Car; Charise Tanner, Sunrise Shower;          Richard Bryce, Standing Tall in the Spring; Doug Griffin, Grandfather of the Ghost Forest

People Related - Documentary

  • First Place – Ted Floore, Little Girls Sharing Secrets
  • Second Place – Doug Griffin, The Well Master
  • Third Place – Charise Tanner, The Ride Interrupted
  • Fourth Place – Karen Sirnick, The Height of Imagination
  • Honors – Marek Pawlowicz, Bank is Open; Ted Floore, Wingin' a Prayer;   Christine Cramer, Old Friends

Nature Related - Size Matters

  • First Place – Celia Carson, Baby and Big Blue Brother
  • Second Place – Paula Griffin, Loving Spoons Fill the Bill
  • Third Place – Charise Tanner, Bigger is Better
  • Fourth Place – Brian Leonard, Jekyll Island Sunrise
  • Honors Paula Griffin, Pleeze Mum
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