Digital Contest Gallery 2021

Presented here are the entries for JCC's digital contest for 2021.

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  • First Place – Mystic Mercury, Celia Carson
  • Second Place – Crosstown Shadows, Bill McSherry
  • Third Place – Mr. Blue, Marek Pawlowicz
  • Fourth Place –NYC Skyline, Tim Davis
  • Honors
    Parallel in Every Direction, Charise Tanner
    Gypsy Dreamer, Paula Griffin
    Chicken it's What's for Dinner, Shaun Argus
    Dilapidated Cow and Barn, Paula Griffin

People Related - Music/Dance

  • First Place – Flying Eagle Feather, Charise Tanner
  • Second Place – Harmony and Tranquility, Bill McSherry
  • Third Place – Bridge Music, Karen Sirnick
  • Fourth Place –Flamboyant Finale, Paula Griffin
  • Honors
    Drummer, Tim Davis

Nature Related - Blue Hour/Golden Hour

  • First Place –From Gold to Blue, Bronwyn Horvath
  • Second Place – Intracoastal, Marek Pawlowicz
  • Third Place – Bridge of Lions, Karen Sirnick
  • Fourth Place –Moon Beach, Celia Carson
  • Honors
    Magical Twilight, Anita Fanic
    Sunrise Silhouette, Karen Sirnick
    Natures Finest Hour, Paula Griffin

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