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Presented here are the entries for JCC's digital contest for 2020.

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2020 T1    Judge:     Mary Atwood         Judge's Comments           Video           Slideshow


  • First Place – Standing Tall, Bill McSherry
  • Second Place – Reflections of Venice, Anita Fanic
  • Third Place – Carolina Wren, Lloyd Granat
  • Fourth Place –Spiez Kirche, Tim Davis
  • Honors
    Lavender of Provence, Celia Carson
    Matte Kadasai, Tim Davis
    Resting Tiger, Jeffrey Hobson
    Krystin 2, Julius Dean

People Related - Candid

  • First Place – Maasai Tribesman, Keith Garrett
  • Second Place – Anticipation, Lloyd Granat
  • Third Place – Happy Beach Skipper, Rebecca Janssen
  • Fourth Place – Beautiful Stranger, Irene Ward
  • Honors
    Brody at the Beach, Brian Leonard
    Practice, James Gutru
    Yellowstone Candid, Ted Floore

Nature Related - Macro/Close-Up

  • First Place – A Blue Beauty, Anita Fanic
  • Second PlaceIce Formation, Craig Shier
  • Third Place –Face the Sun, James Gutru
  • Fourth Place –Just Smell the Roses, Marek Pawlowicz
  • Honors
    Break Time, Marek Pawlowicz
    Once Bitten, Jeffrey Hobson
    The Beauty in Aging, Anita Fanic

2020 T2    Judge:     Will Dickey         Judge's Comments           Video           Slideshow


  • First Place – Pretty in Pink, Anita Fanic
  • Second Place – Roadside Sunrise, Anita Fanic
  • Third Place – Summer on the City, Young McQueen
  • Fourth Place –Quiet Contemplation, Karen Sirnick
  • Honors
    Cardinal Female, Jon Montigny
    Chirping Sparrow Baby, Christine Cramer
    Lubbers Moving Up, Charise Tanner
    Northbound, Ricky Carter
    Verticals, Bronwyn Horvath

People Related - Silhouettes

  • First Place – Tired, Don Dymer
  • Second Place – The Bubble Maker, Anita Fanic
  • Third Place – Dawn Frolic, Karen Sirnick
  • Fourth Place – Zorro, Celia Carson
  • Honors
    Dawn Patrol with Ali, Paula Griffin
    Reflected Figures, Bronwyn Horvath
    Should I Fish this Early, John Neel

Nature Related - Water

  • First Place – Reflections of the Okefenokee, Anita Fanic
  • Second PlaceWave of EmOcean, Lloyd Granat
  • Third Place –St. John's Sunset, Tim Davis
  • Fourth Place –Down on the Oklawaha, Paul Griffin
  • Honors
    At the Golden Hour. Richard Bryce
    Frigid Water, Bronwyn Horvath
    I Can Fly, Marek Pawlowicz
    Marineland, Ricky Carter

2020 T3    Judge:     Ginger Sheridan        Judge's Comments           Video           Slideshow


  • First Place –Golden Hour Slider, Fred Raiford
  • Second Place – Still a Home, Doug Griffin
  • Third Place – Glacier Trail, Bronwyn Horvath
  • Fourth Place –Sunset #3, Fred Raiford
  • Honors
    Charge, Celia Carson
    Sunset on Shem Creek, Charise Tanner
    Off Key, Craig Shier
    Goblin Swamp, Doug Griffin

People Related - Events

  • First Place – A Call for Prayer, Paula Griffin
  • Second Place – Really Hot Sauce, Doug Griffin
  • Third Place – Gray Soldier, Tim Davis
  • Fourth Place – Union Artillery Lt Colonel, Young McQueen
  • Honors
    Blessings for the Fallen, Charise Tanner
    Chalk it Up, Karen Sirnick
    Up and Over, Shaun Argus

Nature Related - Botanical

  • First Place – Harvested, Celia Carson
  • Second Place – Canna Lily Abstract, Charise Tanner
  • Third Place –Lavender Curves, Celia Carson
  • Fourth Place –Alpine Meadow, Marek Pawlowicz
  • Honors
    The Climbing Tree. Irene Ward
    Peonies for Sale, Craig Shier
    The Twins, Bronwyn Horvath

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