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Presented here are the entries for JCC's digital contest for 2019.

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2019 Q1    Judge:     Mary Atwood         Judge's Comments            Slideshow


  • First Place – Wildflowers of  the Columbia River, Celia Carson
  • Second Place – Calm, Jan Vallely
  • Third Place – Jewel of Slovenia, Celia Carson 
  • Fourth Place –Crossing the Sahara, Paula Griffin
  • Honors
    Old Lady of the Valley, Donna Charise Tanner
    Nutcracker, Marek Pawlowizc
    Auburn Beauty, Chuck Shealy

Environmental Portraiture

  • First Place – On their Final Leg, Paula Griffin
  • Second Place – Behind Bars, Julius Dean
  • Third Place – The Leather Apprentice, Donna Charise Tanner
  • Fourth Place – Competitive Spirit, Paula Griffin
  • Honors – 
  • A Man and His Horse, Kathy Jaworski
    Market Ladies Having a Giggle, Bronwyn Horvath
    Squirrel Hunter, Caroline Peppiatt

Architectural Photography

  • First Place – Grand Portal, Doug Griffin
  • Second Place – Parking Garage Architecture, Bill McSherry
  • Third Place –The Laundress' Cabin, Robert Clark
  • Fourth Place –City in the Sky, Young McQueen
  • Honors – 
  • Chickee Interior, Robert Clark
    1604 Broadway, Julius Dean
    Symetry and Asymetry Meet In the Middle, Donna Charise Tanner

2019 Q2

Judge: Rick McAllister - Judge's Comments             Judge: Charlie Cawley - Judge's Comments            Slideshow 

General - Judge Rick McAllister

  • First Place – A Beakful, Jack Stephens
  • Second Place – Rain Delay, Paula Griffin
  • Third Place – Suwannee Canal After the Burn, Jon Montigny
  • Fourth PlaceSpring Again, Marek Pawlowicz
  • Honors
    Determination, Andrea Wilsie
  • Fast Food Delivery, Jack Stephens
  • McKee Lily, Bill McSherry
  • Little Girl on the Beach, Duffy McCoy

Monochrome - Judge Rick McAllister

  • First Place – Senator, Marek Pawlowicz
  • Second Place – Boat and Anchor, Karen Sirnick
  • Third Place – Who Are you Looking At, Kathy Jaworski 
  • Fourth PlaceNewborns, Caroline Peppiatt
  • Honors
    Looking on to the Battle, Anita Fanic
  • Up or Down, Dan Robusto
  • Handsome Colorado Bighorn Sheep, Richard Bryce
  • Abundant Falls, Bill McSherry

Street Photography - Judge Charlie Cawley

  • First Place – Running Girl Walking Iron, Robert Clark
  • Second Place – Shadow Dancing, Julius Dean
  • Third Place –Looking At You, Chuck Shealy
  • Fourth Place –You Are Here, Charise Tanner
  • Honors – 
  • Charleston Transit, Jon Montigny
  • Following Faith, Silvia Agreda

2019 Q3

Judge: Darrel Joseph - Judge's Comments                        Slideshow 

Boats & Water Structures

  • First Place – First Responders Venetian Style - Celia Carson
  • Second Place – Maine Attraction - Julius Dean
  • Third Place – Rowing Towards the Sunset - Anita Fanic
  • Fourth PlaceGone Fishing - Marek Pawlowicz
  • Honors
  • Homeward in the Fog - Young McQueen
  • Yellow Jacket - Eric Hartmann
  • Quite Morning - Karen Sirnick
  • Deconstructed Boathouse - Robert Clark

JCC Outings

  • First Place – Reaching for the Sky - Craig Shier
  • Second Place – Wind Gliding - Irene Ward
  • Third Place – Spritual Moment - Irene Ward
  • Fourth PlaceThe Kayaker - Jim Gutru
  • Honors
  • Early Morning Ride - Bronwyn Horvath
  • Rising Tide - Craig Shier
  • Seaside Suzy - Julius Dean
  • Smoky Mountain Creek - Brian Leonard


  • First Place – Hands Tell the Story - Anita Fanic
  • Second Place – Bootmaker - Neala McCarten
  • Third Place –Holding Up the World - Bronwyn Horvath
  • Fourth Place –Magic Harpist - Doug Griffin
  • Honors – 
  • Sign Here - Chuck Shealy
  • Spinning Wool Thread - Charise Tanner

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