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Presented here are the entries for JCC's digital contest for 2018. Clicking on the image will open a link to the Google Photo album for the noted theme. After clicking on an image in an album to enlarge it, click on "i" and you will see the maker, title and judge's comments about each image.
The layout within Google Photo is controlled by that program. If there is a PowerPoint presentation from the JCC program it is available from a PPP link shown.

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Quarter One

   Judge:     Olis Garber              PPP


  • First Place Refections of the Past, Gail Means
  • Second PlaceAmphitheater, Art Hughes
  • Third PlaceAluminums Riveting Reflection, Jan Vallely 
  • Fourth PlaceBleached on the Beach, Doug Griffin
  • Honors
     White Water, Jim Gutru
    Backlit Serrated Bill, Jon     Montigny
    Death Warmed Over, Caroline   Peppiatt
    It Was That Big, John Neel


  • First Place Austere and Alert, Bill McSherry
  • Second PlaceRed Eyed Face, Phil Delisle 
  • Third PlaceSad Santa, Celia Carson
  • Fourth PlaceBiker 40, Irene Ward
  • Honors – 
  • Siblings, Jim Gutru
  • Mirror to the Soul, Richard Bryce
  • Mr Kyoto, Don Dymer
  • Foxy Fox, LaWanda Barber

Water Reflections

  • First Place Sagi Island, Young McQueen
  • Second PlaceTwilight Fairytale, Celia Carson
  • Third PlaceFlotilla, Paula Griffin
  • Fourth PlaceRed River, Marek Pawlowicz
  • Honors – 
  • Supermoon Under the Dames Point Bridge, Charise Tanner
  • Tidal Rings, Art Hughes
  • Ripples, Celia Carson
  • Dawn in the Tetons, Bronwyn Horvath

Quarter Two

   Judge:     Christine Cook             PPP


  • First Place –  Daddy, It's My Turn to Drive,     John Neel
  • Second Place –  The Capture,   Jan Vallely
  • Third Place –  Morning Glow,  Celia Carson
  • Fourth Place Mr. Twinkle Toes,   Mike Rexroad
  • Honors
  • Olustee Beauties, Philip De Lisle
  • Girl With Green Hair, Irene Ward
  • Wheels Within Wheels, Craig Shier
  • This Is Going To Hurt, John Neel


  • First Place –  Falls of Minnehaha,  Charise Tanner
  • Second PlaceThe Long Wait for Roadside Assistance,   Jan Vallely
  • Third PlaceSparkling Seattle,  Celia Carson
  • Fourth Place –  Olustee Campsite,   Brian Leonard
  • Honors – 
  • Planet Jacksonville 360, John Neel
  • Out to Pasture, Paula Griffin

Window Light

  • First Place  A Window in the Roof,       Keith Garrett
  • Second Place –  Waiting,      Julius Dean
  • Third Place – The End ,    Silvia Agreda-Kostin
  • Fourth Place – Grapes in a Pitcher,     Gail Means
  • Honors – 
  • The Wizard of Wire,   Paula Griffin
  • Steer Me To The Light,  Anita Fanic

Quarter Three

   Judge:     Rachel Brockey             PPP


  • First Place - "Bonding" Caroline Peppiatt
  • Second Place -"Monkey Business" Lloyd Granat
  • Third Place –  "Tuskie"  Don Dymer
  • Fourth Place"Jungle Dreaming" Lloyd Granat
  • Honors"Touching Down" Andrea Wilsie
  • "Tools for Another Cold Glass" Jan Vallely
  • "Don't Think He Finished"  Keith Garrett
  • "Morning Sun Pose"  Andrea Wilsie


  • First Place "Essence of Thailand"  Paula Griffin
  • Second Place – "Thank You for Serving"  Irene Ward
  • Third Place – "Wormsloe Haunting"  Gail Means
  • Fourth Place –  "Strength" Silvia Agreda-Kostin
  • Honors "Pugs From Hell" Bronwyn Horvath
  • "Ship Ahoy" John Neel


  • First Place  "Might Rain,Might Not" Irene Ward
  • Second Place – "Purgatory" Silvia Agreda-Kostin
  • Third Place – "The One Remaining" Jan Vallely
  • Fourth Place –  "Solitude Without Spirit" Young McQueen
  • Honors – "Departure Into Blue"  Bill McSherry
  • "Lonely Sentinel" Philip DeLisle
  • "Somber Moment for a King" Brian Leonard
  • "Point This Way" Julius Dean

Quarter Four

   Judge:     JU Students            PPP


  • First Place - "Eye of the Wise" Richard Bryce
  • Second Place -"Light From Above" Bronwyn Horvath
  • Third Place –  "Mt Grinnell"  Brian Leonard
  • Fourth Place"The Milky Way" Bronwyn Horvath
  • Honors"Trucky" Sylvia Agreda-Kostin
  • "Brisk Swim"  Celia Carson
  • "Monument Valley"  Keith Garrett
  • "Bridge of Lights"  Bill McSherry

B&W Cityscapes

  • First Place "Storm Clouds Over Jacksonville"  Bill McSherry
  • Second Place – "Bridge Rising"  Young McQueen
  • Third Place – "Throgg's Neck" Julius Dean
  • Fourth Place –  "Glowing Space Needle" Celia Carson
  • Honors "Vancouver, City of Glass" Fred Raiford
  • "My Church" Sylvia Agreda-Kostin


  • First Place  "A Show of Hands" Robert Clark
  • Second Place – "Inside the Spiral" Kathy Jaworski
  • Third Place – "Change" Jan Vallely
  • Fourth Place –  "Leaf With Colors" Keith Garrett
  • Honors – "Pews"  Jon Montigny
  • "Industrial Shadows" Bill McSherry
  • "Synchrony" Julius Dean

Best Digital Photographs 2018

Group A   First Place
"The Capture"
Jan Vallely

  • First Place - "The Capture" - Jan Vallely
  • Second Place -"It Was That Big"-John Neel
  • Third Place –  "The Milky Way"  Bronwyn Horvath
  • Fourth Place"Monument Valley"- Keith Garrett
  • Honors"This is Going to Hurt"-John Neel
  • "Monkey Business"-Lloyd Granat
  • "Jungle Dreaming" Lloyd Granat

Group B  First Place
"Morning Glow"
Celia Carson

  • First Place "Morning Glow"-Celia Carson
  • Second Place – "Austere and Alert"-Bill McSherry
  • Third Place – "Falls of Minnehaha"-Charise Tanner
  • Fourth Place –  "Essence of Thailand"-Paula Griffin
  • Honors "Bridge Rising"-Young McQueen
  • "Out to Pasture-Paula Griffin
  • "The Long Wait for Roadside Assistance"-Jan Vallely

Group C     First Place
"Inside the Spiral"
Kathy Jaworski

  • First Place  "Inside the Spiral" - Kathy Jaworski
  • Second Place – "The One Remaining"-Jan Vallely
  • Third Place – "Waiting" Julius Dean
  • Fourth Place –  "A Window in the Roof" Keith Garrett
  • Honors – "Dawn in the Tetons"-Bronwyn Horvath
  • "Sagi Island"-Young McQueen
  • "Synchrony" Julius Dean

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