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Presented here are the entries of the JCC's digital contest for 2017. Clicking on the image will open a link to the Google Photo album for the noted theme. The layout within Google Photo is controlled by that program. If there is a PowerPoint presentation from the JCC program it is available from a PPP link shown.
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Quarter One

Judge:     Arabella Dane


  • First Place – Jan Vallely, Oil & Water on Red
  • Second Place – Andrea Wilsie, Signs of Spring
  • Third Place – Celia Carson, Tie Dye Droplet
  • Fourth Place – John Neel, Close Shavings
  • HonorsGail Means, Yellow Cone Flower; Jan Gemeinhardt, Western Blue Flax; John Neel, A Colored Pencil Color Wheel; 


  • First Place – Robert Clark, Ghost Runner
  • Second Place – Craig Shier, Sole Survivor
  • Third Place – Lynda Smith, Haunted
  • Fourth Place –Diana Halstead, Ghost Pier
  • Honors – Paula Griffin, Visitation; Dan Robusto, Ride Like The Wind; Julius Dean, Evil Eye


  • First Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Walking in the Blizzard
  • Second Place – Robert Clark, A Piece of Her Mind
  • Third Place – Brian Leonard, Enlist Here 
  • Fourth Place – Bill McSherry, Alone in the Crowd
  • Honors – Bill McSherry, Daytona Night Ride; Marek Pawlowicz, Player; Paula Griffin, Still Waiting

Quarter Two

Judge: Craig Monroe


  • First Place – Jan Gemeinhardt, Washington Farm
  • Second Place – Marek Pawlowicz, Just Looking
  • Third Place – Jack Stephens, Nest at Sunrise
  • Fourth Place – John Neel, Morning Thoughts
  • Honors – Celia Carson, Dash of the Mountain Lion;Caroline Peppiatt, Far East Pavilion; Paula Griffin, Scout; Jim Gutru, Morning at the Beach; Irene Ward, Joe; Gordon Ira, Winnie in Motion


  • First Place – Craig Shier, Out of Tune
  • Second Place –Jim Hunt, Eilean Donan Castle
  • Third Place – Charise Tanner, Glades Creek Gristmill
  • Fourth Place – Joy Ruble, Sunrise in the Smokies
  • Honors – Bronwyn Horvath, Winter Stream; Jan Gemeinhardt, Water Lily Times 2

Mono Land or Sea "Scapes"

  • First Place – Caroline Peppiatt; Sunrise on Roan Bald
  • Second Place – Duffy McCoy, Dancing on the Waves
  • Third Place – Brian Leonard, Bent, but not Broken
  • Fourth Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Cumberland Island Scenery
  • Honors –Marek Pawlowicz, Swamp; Don Dymer; Ross Sea Antiquity; Craig Shier, Time and Tide; Dan Robusto, Tranquility Lake

Quarter Three

        Judge:  Gary Whiting  

High Key

  • First Place – Bill McSherry, Feminine
  • Second Place – Rick Hartmann, Favorite Pieces
  • Third Place – Celia Carson, Regal Pose
  • Fourth Place – Kathy Jaworsky, Ruffles
  • Honors – Charlse Tanner, Magnolia Blossom; Lynda Smith, Avery; Jon Montigny, White Egret


  • First Place – Charise Tanner, Vibrant Colonades
  • Second Place – Paula Griffin, Very Snazzy
  • Third Place – Celia Carson, Lets Dance
  • Fourth Place – Craig Shier, Red Doors
  • Honors – Jan Vallely, Suspicious; Jan Vallely, Intersections With Circles; Young McQueen, Warrior Pose

Product Still Life

  • First Place – Young McQueen, Scotch
  • Second Place – Bill McSherry, Preowned Harley Classics
  • Third Place – Charise Tanner, Summer Beverage
  • Fourth Place – John Neel, Kathleen's House of Tea
  • Honors – 

Quarter Four

Judge: Ginger Sheridan

JCC Outings/Events

  • First Place –  Andrea Wilsie, I am Wise
  • Second Place – Marek Pawlowicz, Fly Catcher
  • Third Place – Young McQueen, Washington Oaks Canyon
  • Fourth Place – Charise Tanner, Shenandoah Morning Glow
  • Honors – Chuck Shealy, A Redneck if; Robert Clark, Budweiser 1; Paula Griffin, Narry a Place to Tarry

Sports Action

  • First Place – Chuck Shealy, Racing into the Night
  • Second Place – Charise Tanner, Touche
  • Third Place –  Silvia Agreda, First Passion
  • Fourth Place – Bronwyn Horvath, The Race
  • Honors – Doug Griffin, Double Trouble; Jim Gutru, Kayaker; Doug Griffin, Water Wall

Low Key

  • First Place – Dee Hartmann, Castanet Dancer's Hand
  • Second Place – Pretty in Pink, Marek Pawlowicz
  • Third Place –  Andrea Wilsie, Perfectly Posed
  • Fourth Place – Caroline Peppiatt, Reflected Lotus
  • Honors – Jan Vallely, Blacksmithing Tools 1945; Dee Hartmann, Green Vegetable; Bill McSherry, Low Key Profile; Caroline Peppiatt, String Lily

Annual Top Digital Images 2017

Judges:   Dr. Christine Cook
Don Frasier
Carmen Schettino

First Place 
Charise Tanner  Shenandoah Morning Glow

  • First Place –  Charise Tanner, Shenandoah Morning Glow
  • Second Place –Bill McSherry, Feminine
  • Third Place – John Neel, Colored Pencil Color Wheel
  • Fourth Place – Celia Carson, Tie Dye Droplet
  • Fifth Place – Jan Gemeinhardt, Washington Farmland 
  • Sixth Place – Caroline Peppiatt, Reflected Lotus 

Second Place
Bill McSherry

  • Seventh Place – Celia Carson, Regal Pose
  • Eighth Place –  Young McQueen, Warrior Pose
  • Honors – Jan Vallely, Intersections with Circles
    ronwyn Horvath, Walking in the Blizzard
    Duffy McCoy, Dancing on the Waves
    Robert Clark, A Piece of her Mind

Third Place
John Neel
Colored Pencil Color Wheel

  • Honors 
    Jim Gutru, Kayaker
    Jon Montigny, White Egret
    Craig Shier;Time ad Tide
    Bill McSherry, Low Key Profile
    Jan Gemeinhardt, Western Blue Flax
    Marek Pawlowicz, Pretty in Pink
    Dee Hartmann, Green Vegetable;
    Gordon Ira, Winnie in Motion

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