Digital Contest Gallery 2016

Presented here are the entries of the JCC's digital contest for this year. Clicking on the image will open a link to the Google Photo album for the noted theme. The layout within Google Photo is controlled by that program. If there is a PowerPoint presentation from the JCC program it is available from a PPP link shown.
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Quarter One

Judge: David Akoubian     PPP


  • First Place – Charise Tanner, Finally, I Get One
  • Second Place – Robert Clark, Fogbound Ruins
  • Third Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Elephant Seals
  • Fourth Place – Eric Hartmann, Mixing Bowl at Dudley
  • Honors – Celia Carson, Honor Romance; Julius Dean, Phelan #3; Paula Griffin, A Grand Old Time; Caroline Peppiatt, Low Overhang; Celia Carson, OtherWorldly

Old Florida

  • First Place – Fred Raiford, Oyster Shucker
  • Second Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Old Florida Wilderness
  • Third Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Old Florida Kitchen
  • Fourth Place – Charise Tanner,  No More Cows for Well's Dairy
  • Honors – Jan Vallely,  Homestead Storage Shed; Richard Bryce, St. Augustine Lighthouse; Jan Gemeinhardt, Old City Gates  

Sunsets Sunrises Silhouettes

  • First Place – John Neel, Key West Dawn Worker 
  • Second Place – Dirk Den Boef, Reflections 
  • Third Place – Robert Clark, Boathouse in the Fog 
  • Fourth Place – Dirk Den Boef, Low Tide 
  • Honors – JoAnn Devin, Heron Silhouette; Patrick McCormack, Cocoa Beach Sunrise Silhouette; Celia Carson, Vibrant Tranquillity; Charise Tanner, Greeting the Dawn and Eric Hartman, Blue Heron Silhouette

Quarter Two

Judge: Susan Bradnam     PPP


  • First Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Taking a Walk
  • Second Place – Celia Carson, Dewy the Dragonfly
  • Third Place – Charise Tanner, Hanging by a Thread or Two
  • Fourth Place – Caroline Peppiatt, Portrait: Tricolored Heron
  • Honors – Paula Griffin, Sandhill Feasting on Seed Shoots; Marek Pawlowicz, Lunch Time; Dan Robusto, Damura Dik Dik; Richard Bryce, Contented Sleeping Lion

Two Plus, Up

  • First Place – Jan Gemeinhardt, Cropdusting
  • Second Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Arguments
  • Third Place – Fred Raiford, Oops
  • Fourth Place – John Neel,  The Three Sun Sunset
  • Honors – Charise Tanner,  Wood Gnomes; Lynda Smith, Going, Going; Jack Stephens, Aborted Landing

JCC Outings

  • First Place – Chuck Shealy, Stand Your Ground
  • Second Place – Jack Stephens, An Eight Point Landing
  • Third Place – Stephen Smith, Sunset on Santa Fe
  • Fourth Place – Fred Raiford, Guess Who's Coming for Dinner
  • Honors – Chuck Shealy, White Orchid with Buds; Jack Stephens, Strutting at Sunrise; Julius Dean, Lady in Red; Keith Garrett, Bridge of Lions

Quarter Three

Judge: Erik Rosengren     PPP


  • First Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Animal House
  • Second Place – Jan Vallely , Intruder!
  • Third Place – John Neel, Melissa's Butterfly Garden
  • Fourth Place – Celia Carson, Fierce Olympian, Going for the Gold
  • Honors – Charise Tanner, Bless Me, Grandfather

Backyard Birds     V Critique

  • First Place – Lynda Smith, Eastern Bluebird
  • Second Place – Jack Stephens, Ready for Take Off
  • Third Place – Chuck Shealy, The Eyes Have It
  • Fourth Place – Don Dymer,  Backyard Hummer
  • Honors – Julius Dean,  It's Feeding Time; Duffy McCoy, Sweet Nectar; Jon Montigny, Waxwing Vigilance

Black & White

  • First Place – Jack Stephens, Homecoming
  • Second Place – Andrea Wilsie, River
  • Third Place – Jan Vallely, Waterton Lodge View
  • Fourth Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Iceberg, Drake Passage
  • Honors – Craig Shier, Altars in the Crypt; Gordon Ira, Church in the Woods; Bronwyn Horvath, Down in the Valley; Fred Raiford, Love; Young McQueen, Juanita;

Quarter Four

Judge: Ginger Sheridan

Night Photography

  • First Place – Celia Carson, Alhambra
  • Second Place – Chuck Shealy, Blood Moon Rising
  • Third Place – Jon Montigny, ba Boooom!
  • Fourth Place –Bronwyn Horvath, Curtain of Light
  • Honors – Celia Carson, False Dawn; Mike Rexroad, Moon - Waxing Full; Bill McSherry, Magic Beach Motel

House (Inside or Out)

  • First Place – Fred Raiford, Harbor House
  • Second Place – Celia Carson, Arctic Dream House
  • Third Place – Lynda Smith, Drifting Down
  • Fourth Place –Jan Gemeinhardt, Light Painted Old School House
  • Honors – Jon Montigny, Forever Falling Water; Chuck Shealy, Historic Address; Fred Raiford, Lobster Shack

JCC Outings or Events

  • First Place – Jim Jordan, Come Play with Me
  • Second Place – Paula Griffin, Deep inSwamp
  • Third Place –  Jack Stephens, A Gift for His Lady
  • Fourth Place –Craig Shier, Watering Can
  • Honors – Caroline Peppiatt, Fog Over Triple Falls; Jack Stephens, This Vine is Mine

Annual Top Ten Images


Dewy the Dragonfly

First Place
Celia Carson, Dewy the Dragonfly

  • First Place – Celia Carson, Dewy the Dragonfly
  • Second Place – Charise Tanner, Finally, I Get One
  • Third Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Animal House
  • Fourth Place –Chuck Shealy, White Orchid w/ Buds
  • Fifth Place – Julius Dean, Lady in Red
Finally, I Get One

Second Place
Charise Tanner,  Finally, I Get One

  • Sixth Place – Charise Tanner, Hanging by a Thread or Two
  • Seventh Place – Celia Carson, False Dawn
  • Eight Place – Bronwyn Horvath, IceBerg, Drake Passage
  • Ninth Place – Jan Vallely, Intruder
  • Tenth Place – Chuck Shealy, Blood Moon Rising
Animal House

Third Place
Bronwyn Horvath, Animal House

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