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Presented here are the entries of the JCC's digital contest for this year. Clicking on the image will open a link to the Google Photo album for the noted theme. The layout within Google Photo is controlled by that program. If there is a PowerPoint presentation from the JCC program it is available from a PPP link shown. If there are available critique notes from the judge they are accessible via a CN link.
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Quarter One

Judge: Craig Monroe     CN  PPP

Christmas Lights

  • First Place – Jan Vallely, Rainy Night At The River
  • Second Place – Dirk Den Boef, Holiday Spirit
  • Third Place – Les Satz, WOW - So Many Lights
  • Fourth Place – Abbey Matthews, Friends
  • Honors – Lynda Smith, Hark the Herald...; Charise Tanner, Expanding Light Display

The Moon

  • First Place – Brian Leonard, Moon Rise at Marineland
  • Second Place – Dirk Den Boef, Moonlite at Cedar Point
  • Third Place – Paula Griffin, There's a Bad Moon Rising
  • Fourth Place – Arul Kannan,  Moon Walk
  • Honors – Gordon Ira,  Moonrise over Bridge

Holiday Cards

  • First Place – Andrea Wilsie, Will you be my Valentine
  • Second Place – Paula Griffin, Vintage Card
  • Third Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Merry Christmas Card
  • Fourth Place – Lynda Smith, See Rock City
  • Honors – LaWanda Barber, Snowy River; Julius Dean, Pisa Picture Postcard – My Holiday in Italy

Quarter Two

Judge: Lynda Smith  – Kevin Floyd  CN PPP

Monochrome or Duotone

(judged by Lynda Smith)
  • First Place – Dan Robusto, Grazin'
  • Second Place – Bill Coppedge, Pretty Young Lady
  • Third Place – Julius Dean, Phelan
  • Fourth Place – Ralph Bonna, Playing The Blues
  • Honors – Eric Hartmann, Brewing Storm;  Duffy McCoy, Wanna Go For A Ride;  John Neel, No Traffic Jam Here; Jan Vallely, Bowl and Lace Curtains, Julius Dean, Jumping for Joy

Butterflies or Wildflowers

(judged by Kevin Floyd)
  • First Place – Julius Dean, Monarch
  • Second Place – Charise Tanner, Flowers by the Roadside 
  • Third Place – Venetia Carey, Wild Bouquet
  • Fourth Place – Jan Vallely, Upon Close Inspection
  • Honors – Jim Gutru, Butterfly and Flowers; Celia Carson, Morning Dew Coneflowe; Jack Stephens, Zebra Longwing; Les Satz, Red... You're Late


(judged by Kevin Floyd)
  • First Place – Jack Stephens, Aerial Combat
  • Second Place – Lynda Smith, Acrobatics
  • Third Place – Jack Stephens, Full Circle Flap
  • Fourth Place – Gordon Ira, Here Honey
  • Honors – Paula Griffin, Unexpected Arrival; Caroline Peppiatt, You Wanna Piece of This?; Lynda Smith, This One Is Mine; Dan Robusto, One Stick at a Time

Quarter Three

Judge: Mike Cenci  CN     PPP


  • First Place – Jan Vallely, Lemon Fizz
  • Second Place – Celia Carson, Mystical Night in Finland
  • Third Place – Marek Pawlowicz, Still Hungry
  • Fourth Place – Bill McSherry, Unhealthy Curiosity
  • HonorsJack Stevens, Nest Building; Julius Dean, Swan on Lake; Gordon Ira, Pixie with flower; Brian Leonard, Looking Glass Falls


  • First Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Boy with Fan
  • Second Place – Dirk Den Boef, Cool Guy
  • Third Place – Lee Bailey, Music Sage
  • Fourth Place – Paula Griffin,  Thai School Girls
  • Honors – Bill Coppedge, Payton 2; Gordon Ira, Pixie with Flower; Brian Leonard, Ryan Rae

The Color Blue

  • First Place – Paula Griffin, Old World Patina
  • Second Place – Jan Gemeinhardt, Big Blue Bag
  • Third Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Blue Bottle
  • Fourth Place – Jan Vallely, Blue 11
  • Honors – Jack Stephens, Hummingbird in Blue; Dan Robusto, Secluded Mountain Lake, Bronwyn Horvath, Blue Pipes; Julius Dean, Eyes of Blue; Jim Jordan, Carlsbad's Natural Entrance

Quarter Four

Judge: JU Photo Class CN    PPP

Clicks Cover

  • First Place – Paula Griffin, Clicks October 2016
  • Second Place – Duffy McCoy, Lens Class
  • Third Place – Jan Gemeinhardt, Clicks Volume 11
  • Fourth Place – John Neel, Day Break at the Fort


  • First Place – Dirk Den Boef, Golden Sunset at Viera
  • Second Place – Charise Tanner, Pearson's Falls
  • Third Place – Keith Garrett, Marineland Sunrise
  • Fourth Place – Jim Gutru,  EH Dock
  • Honors – Gordon Ira,  Yosemite River Valley; Chuck Shealy, River Colors; Jan Vallely, Monument Valley Milky; Paula Pradella, Mediterranean Mascotte; Caroline Peppiatt, Late Summer Swamp

JCC Outings

  • First Place – Brian Leonard, First Light
  • Second Place – Caroline Peppiatt, Little Green Monster
  • Third Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Still Life with Grapes
  • Fourth Place – Andrea Wilsie, Hey You
  • Honors – Kimberley Pitcock, That's What I Think Of That; Gordon Ira, Sunlit Stable; Marek Pawlowicz, On the branch; Fred Raiford, Water Lily - Kanapaha

Annual Contest for 2015: The Top Ten

Judged by an Anonymous Panel of Three

Please click image to view the ten winning images

Winners :  First–Fifth

  • First Place – Bronwyn Horvath, Blue Bottle
  • Second Place – Paula Griffin, There's a Bad Moon Rising
  • Third Place – Lynda Smith, Acrobatics
  • Fourth Place – Dan Robusto, Grazin'
  • Fifth Place– Jack Stephens, Aerial Combat
Please click the image to view the PowerPoint presentation from the JCC Banquet in Jan 2016

Winners :  Sixth–Tenth

  • Sixth Place – Jan Vallely, Lemon Fizz
  • Seventh Place – Ralph Bonna, Playing The Blues
  • Eighth Place – Celia Carson, Mystical night in Finland
  • Ninth Place – Paula Griffin, Unexpected Arrival
  • Tenth Place Julius Dean, Monarch
Please click on image for more information

On Judging

For this annual contest all winning images from the year, that is honors or above were qualified to compete. All entries were on an equal footing. The judges did not know the maker name or at which level the image had previously placed. To read a more complete summary of the judging process and how three judges' grades were distilled into final positions click the image above.

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