Digital Contest Entry List Q4 2018

Below is an alpha member list of entries received for the Q4 digital contest.

If you have entered an image and don’t see it listed here or if you see any issues with the number of your entries, etc., please give me a call (904 635 8688) or email.   Two members entered the incorrect quarter on entries and those images were sent to earlier contests which are closed.   If you do not receive an automatic response after you “submit” on each of your entries, you need to contact the digital chair.

Thanks for entering the last digital contest of the year.  The last column lists errors in the entry process.   Please accept this as a learning tool and not a criticism (I’ll do the whiny criticisms in person when requested).  Mistakes are simple errors which are avoidable if the instructions are reviewed and the entry information carefully submitted each quarter.

To be perfectly clear, the corrections in column 4 have been made for you.  You don’t need to do anything else with your entries.    Just sit back and think how you’re going to spend all that prize money when you win.

Remember….the more contests you enter, the more practice you’ll have getting familiar with the entry form.   Life is good, eh?

Results in December!     Please check the list below…


First Name Last Name Image Filename Issue with upload
Andrea Wilise 2018Q4TAMonarchButterfly space between title words and between image info and title
Andrea Wilise 2018Q4TBCatchoftheDay space between words in title
Andrea Wilise 2018Q4TBGreetingsfromJacksonville space between words in title and no punctuation
Anita Fanic 2018Q4TA-Fireworks by the River.jpg
Anita Fanic 2018Q4TC-Holiday Spirals.jpg
Anita Fanic 2018Q4TC-Peek a Boo Peacock Feathers.jpg I took out punctuation in title
Bill McSherry 2018Q4TA-Bridge of Lights
Bill McSherry 2018Q4TB-Storm Clouds Over Jacksonville use real name in entry process instead of email address
Bill McSherry 2018Q4TC-Industrial Shadows use real name instead of moniker
Brian Leonard 2018Q4TA-Mt Grinnell
Brian Leonard 2018Q4TB-Vancouver Cityscape
Brian Leonard 2018Q4TC-Stairs
Bronwyn Horvath 2018Q4TA-Light From Above.jpg
Bronwyn Horvath 2018Q4TA-The Milky Way.jpg
Bronwyn Horvath 2018Q4TC-Nature’s Recurring Patterns.jpg no punctuation in title
Caroline Peppiatt 2018Q4A-Preening Ballet Incorrect info need to add “T” correct w/b 2018Q4TA-title
CAroline Peppiatt 2018Q4C-Twisted Blues Incorrect info need to add “T” correct w/b 2018Q4TA-title
Caroline Peppiatt 2018Q4C-Ultraviolet Swamproot Schnauzer Incorrect info need to add “T” correct w/b 2018Q4TA-title
Celia Carson 2018Q4TA – Brisk Swim.jpg no space between image info and title, only a hyphen
Celia Carson 2018Q4TB – Glowing Space Needle.jpg
Celia Carson 2018Q4TC – Rush.jpg
Charise Tanner 2018Q4TC-Tree Bark Abstract.jpg
Charise Tanner 2018Q4TC-Up or Down.jpg
Doug Griffin 2018Q4TB-Aviles Morning.jpg
Doug Griffin 2018Q4TC-Beadly Beauty.jpg
Doug Griffin 2018QTA-Dressed for Downtown.jpg no Q info s/b Q4
Duffy McCoy 2018Q4TB-Downtown





2018Q4TA-Summer Sunrise

spaces between words needed no quarter info


 Fred  Raiford 2018Q4TAThe Birds And The Bees  hyphen between image info and title
Fred Raiford 2018Q4TB Vancouver-City of Glass no punctuation in title
Fred Raiford 2018Q4TC Epoct Dome hypen after image info
Gail Means 2018Q4TA-MUSE-ically no capitals (except 1st letter in word, and no punctuation in title
Gail Means 2018Q4TA-Plumeria
Gail Means 2018Q4TC-Woodland Fern
Irene Ward 2018Q4TA-Shorter Days, Cooler Nights, Halloween and Pumpkin Spice no punctuation in title
Irene Ward 2018Q4TB-A Convergence Occurrence.jpg
Irene Ward 2018Q4TB-Foundation Hope.jpg
jan vallely 2018Q4TA-In Transit
jan vallely 2018Q4TC-Change
jan vallely 2018Q4TC-Time
John Neel 2018Q4TA-This is My Mom.jpg
John Neel 2018Q4TB-Jacksonville Skyline at Nignt.jpg spelling
John Neel 2018Q4TB-Nighttime in Amsterdam.jpg
Jon Montigny 2018Q4TA-Evening Sail.jpg
Jon Montigny 2018Q4TC-Pews.jpg
Jon Montigny 2018Q4TC-Ripples and Ridges.jpg
Julius Dean 2018Q4TB-Main Street Bridge Alternate View
julius dean 2018Q4TB-Throggs Neck
julius dean 2018Q4TC-Synchrony
Kathy Jaworski 2018Q4TA-Smokey Mountain Waterfall.jpg
Kathy Jaworski 2018Q4TC-A Few Bud Lights.jpg
Kathy Jaworski 2018Q4TC-Inside The Spiral.jpg
Keith Garrett 2018Q4TA-Monument_Valley no punctuation in title
Keith Garrett 2018Q4TB-St_Ann_Street_New_Orleans no punctuation in title
Keith Garrett 2018Q4TC-Leaf_With_Colors no punctuation in title
Lloyd Granat 2018Q4TA -Anticipation
Lloyd Granat 2018Q4TA-Calf and Mom.jpg
Marek Pawlowicz 2018Q4TA-After Busy Night.jpg
Marek Pawlowicz 2018Q4TA-Monkey Business.jpg
Marek Pawlowicz 2018Q4TB-Midnight Walk.jpg
Don Dymer 2018Q4TA-On The Prowl

2018Q4TC-Container Stacks
Paula J Griffin 2018Q4TA-Neighborhood Watch.jpg
Paula J Griffin 2018Q4TB-Life in the City
Paula J Griffin 2018Q4TC-Pick A Pattern I removed title punctuation
Richard Bryce 2018Q4TA-EyeoftheWise.jpg Space between words in a title
Richard Bryce 2018Q4TA-Waterlilywithbeesurprise.jpg space between title words
Richard Bryce 2018Q4TC-ArchitecturalWindowPatterns.jpg space between words in a title
Robert Clark 2018Q4TA-The Laundress’s Cabin.jpg no punctuation in title
Robert Clark 2018Q4TC-A Show of Hands.jpg
Robert Clark 2018Q4TC-Patterns Count.jpg
Sherry McCoy 2018Q4TA-SummerSunrise space between title words
Sherry McCoy 2018Q4TB-Downtown
Sherry McCoy 2018Q4TC-Curbside
Silvia Agreda-Kostin 2018Q4TA-split
Silvia Agreda-Kostin 2018Q4TA-Trucky
Silvia Agreda-Kostin 2018Q4TB-mychurch space between words in title
Stephens Jack 2018Q4TC-Soaring incorrect quarter listed…put image in Quarter 1 contest
Stephens Jack 2018Q4TC-Mom, gimme the fish no punctuation in title/wrong quarter
Young McQueen 2018Q4TB-Bridge Rising.jpg
Young McQueen 2018Q4TC- Mandelbrot Roots.jpg
Young McQueen 2018Q4TC-On a Wing.jpg

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