New! Digital Contest Entry Form

Now At The JCC Digital Competition

One Contest, Only One Entry Required.

(You may still fill out three entry forms if that better suits you.)

The First Screen you will see is this:

The email address should be the address you want the auto confirmation sent to.

(Doesn’t need to be your gmail account)

The Second Screen will look like this:

Click on the first Category you wish to enter then click next.

If you are entering more than one image you will be coming back to this page.

When you are redirected back to this page select the next type of image you are entering.

Select either the first of a new category or the second in the same category.

The Third Screen you will see is this:

Enter your Image’s filename.

It should be your image’s title.

For example, if your title is, Your Beautiful White Bird,

then your filename should be, Your Beautiful White Bird.jpg

Upload your image, either choose from your computer or drag and drop.

Select “Finished Entering Images” if you are done entering images or “Enter Next Image”.

If you select “Enter Next Image” it will take you back to the screen that list the categories.

Repeat until finished.

Questions contact the Digital Chair – Click Here


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