Dark Sky Milky Way Shoot

Milky Way

We will travel to Perry county on the Gulf coast for some of the darkest sky available in northern Florida. We will have the best opportunity, weather and cloud cover cooperating, to photograph the Milky Way. The open sky of the Gulf along with minimal and cooperating land forms and the new moon will present the best photo opportunity to capture dark sky images.


August 7

Admission Fees





Soring Warrior Fish Camp 14079 Spring Warrior Road, Perry Florida 32348  850 838 2035.

Contact -   Dave Wholey
904 322 4004

Parking Info - Parking in the Camp parking area.

Entrance Info - Camp is located at the end of Spring Warrior Road.


Given the distances involved carpooling makes sense to those where it fits.

Food / Lodging

The Fish Camp has lodging available. Since the shoot time will be from10:30 PM through 2:00 AM, you may wish to get a room. Accommodations are available, it is a Fish Camp. Check it out on Facebook.


Schedule of Events

We should arrive by 7:30 PM in order to decide our best shooting positions

Sunset is at 8:20. This location will also offer great sunset shooting opportunities.

The Milky Way will be visible from this location from dark sky at 9:50 PM through 2:30 AM with prime shooting times  10 PM through midnight.


For the Milky Way shooting you should bring your fastest wide angle lens, Zoom or prime, either will be fine. Tripods are mandatory as your exposures will exceed 15 seconds. Also, a remote control shutter is recommended for those long exposures.

Bring your graduated ND filters for any sunset shots.

Additional lens coverage, zooms or prime, 24mm through 300mm for any other opportunities prior to sunset.

Other Tips

We will be in an open marsh area so bug spray is a must and long sleeves, pants recommended.

The area is flat with solid ground open shooting positions but flash lights or head lamps are helpful. Any lighting should have red bulb or gels to minimize light pollution.


I-10 West to Live Oak, use of multiple secondary roads from Live Oak best served by use of GPS.

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