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  • The works submitted should be your creative effort. This seems simple but when you start getting into the details of special circumstances it becomes fuzzy. Consider the case where you have a great shot but it is flat. You consult a friend and he shows you how to increase the contrast and it is greatly improved. Still your creative effort. What if he increases the contrast for you? It becomes harder. In the final analysis you must be the judge.

  • The works submitted should be your creative vision. You must consider if the amount of help you received in making the photo goes over the line. You go on a photo workshop and meet at dawn on a secluded beach. The promoter tells you to stand here and set your camera thusly. She then drives a group of horses back and forth along the surf line. Did everyone get the shot? You have to judge if this is your creative vision.

  • The JCC is very fortunate to have our meeting location. We must always be vigilant of being good tenants. This extends to the images we present in out contest and show in our meetings. We should be careful to never present images that the church may find objectionable. If in doubt, err on the side of caution.

  • An image may be entered a total of three times among all contests. Recognizing the difficulty of policing this by the respective contest chairs, the enforcement is left to the entrant. This does not preclude a chair bringing a possible infraction to the attention of the entrant.

  • Any image may only win once in a JCC contest. Winning images are not eligible to later entry into any JCC contest.

  • The respective chair is the sole arbitrator of an image's qualification in a particular theme or category. The judge will not disqualify such an entry. This does not prevent the judge's bringing an issue to the chair's attention for possible disqualification or other resolution.

Number of Awards Given by Number of Entries

No EntriesFirstSecondThirdFourthHonors
< 8
9 – 121111
13 – 1611111
17 – 2011112
21 – 3011113
31 – 4011114
EtcSequence Continues

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