Club Member Spotlight: Don Dymer’s Alaskan Adventure!

Hey JCC!  Don Dymer is getting ready to depart on a summertime Alaskan Adventure…and he wants to share the link to his brand new blog that will chronicle his trip in all it’s photo glory.

Don hits the road this coming Thursday, June 6th, and according to his blog’s itinerary, plans to hit Alaska by July 12 – with tons of fun stops along the way, of course.

Do you want to follow along on this amazing road trip (from the comfort of your own home)???  If so, check out his personal website here:

Safe travels, Don! Bon Voyage!

Do you have a blog or website that you’d like to feature?  Of course, you can always add a link in your personal profile.  BUT, if you have something new and exciting to launch and want the club to see it, contact the webmaster at and we’ll hook you up!

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  1. Definitely go North on the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks to pass the Arctic Circle. You can leave Fairbanks by a “tour van” and return by bush plane as the trip is long and slow on an unpaved road (most of the way). See the tundra, pick wild blueberries and if you have the time, travel to the Arctic Ocean. The Alaska Pipeline will be with you along the route. Very interesting and scenic trip.

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