CLICKS September 2016


SEPTEMBER CLICKS                                    9-2016

Blind Critique
Blind Critique

Editor’s Notes

In writing my first “Editor’s Notes,” I want to thank Gordon Ira for the excellent job he has done for the past several years in compiling and editing “Clicks” for our camera club.  Under his editing, “Clicks” became an award-winning publication and I am very honored to follow him as the Editor.  I want to thank Gordon and the entire Board for this opportunity and honor.



In this edition of “Clicks,” you will find continuing columns, notifications and photos to keep you apprised and up-to-date on everything from the activities of your camera club as well as results of contests.  You will also find some new features which I hope you will enjoy.


There are many ways to become involved in our camera club — send me articles for this newsletter; enter digital, print and People’s Choice contests; volunteer to help with outings and events — there is always room for more volunteers and more ideas.


What you would like to see in “Clicks?”  What features are most helpful to you?  My email address is — please feel free to send me your feedback and suggestions.


Until next month, be sharp and stay focused.


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