Clicks May 2016

MAY CLICKS               5-2016

Reflections by Dirk den Boef won 2nd in the Sunrise Category in the 1st quarter digital competition. Picture taken at Washington Oaks.

Editor's Notes May 2016

There are fewer pages in Clicks this month, which may be a trend, as the website continues its development to full bloom. There will be current reliable information on the website that won't need to be repeated here. The reason is the big news this month, that is, the number of JCC members that entered the F3C 1st triannual digital competition and the number of winners that we had. The rest of the news is that the blue ribbon winners are on the website under "Town Hall" and there is no need to re-publish them here in Clicks. Go to the website and check them out here. Also check out the article about the Glennie Nature Salon's JCC Winners with pictures. These are all under the Town Hall Menu on the Home page of the Website.

I'm excited about the two speakers that we have this month, Doug Griffin and Jim Gutru. Take a look at the articles about them and come to the meeting. The rest of the year of programs is well covered except for November 2nd, and we need a speaker Any ideas, call Dennis.

The Callaway Gardens trip is covered here and it is also covered on Facebook by Jan Gemeinhardt, but the St Augustine Alligator Farm trip next Saturday is not. Jan Vallely with Bill Coppedge has sent out a nice email already that covers all the details...time, places to meet, etc..Later there will be a permanent section on the website that will have information about all the places that we go on outings plus a lot more. We will then be able to dial in details about, for example, the Alligator Farm and it won't need to be published on Clicks every time that we go on a trip. BTW, Jack Stephens says that the birds are active and that we should have a good group of happy birds to photograph.

The Okefenokee trip is going to be a great chance to get some good swamp, and wildlife pictures. It is covered by Caroline Peppiatt on page 7.

The LPIG workshop last month is covered. It was the last session to be mostly didactic; from now on we will have models and will be taking pictures.


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