Clicks August 2016

AUGUST CLICKS                                    8-2016

look at the winning second quarter digital winners, the FCCC digital winners, the proposed programs and digital competition calendars for 2017. There's also a fun biography written by Bronwyn Horvath about someone you know. 

Editor's Notes August 2016

Lot of good information in this last issue, importantly, a lot of schedules with future planning for 2017 that will be handy to keep around. The First outline of the 2017 program schedule is on page 15. This is a product of Dennis Adams and the Program Committee, Jan Vallely, Craig Shier, Bill McSherry, Young McQueen, Chuck Shealy, Bronwyn Horvath, and me. We think that this will be a fun year.

Charise Tanner has produced the Digital schedule for 2017 which is pretty much the way it will look, although as noted, there may be a few changes.

The 2nd quarter print winners are here with the winners getting their ribbons, and the second installment of the candids from the beach portrait outing run by Craig Monroe are on page 8. These shots were taken by Phil Cope. Check out the Pig Whisperer on page 7. This is an article from 2014 that I ran across and since we are hearing and seeing a lot more from Jan Vallely now, I thought that you would like to know she also has a magic touch.

Clicks and Clacks this month was an interesting adventure. Not ever liking to talk about myself, Bronwyn very smoothly got me talking about all kinds of things. Needless to say, life has been a great adventure, and she got a lot of information on one page. I wish I had room for a lot more pictures.

Good luck to John Neel. I know that he will continue to get all the support that you have given me.

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