Clicks April 2016

APRIL CLICKS                                    2016


Swamp Mirror

Ornate Floating Swamp Stump by Caroline Peppiatt  F3C Blue tibbon Winner in Advanced Color

Editor’s Notes April 2016

Wow! What a lot of pictures! Two competitions, a lot of outings, F3C, the orchid outing winners, even the portraits from the first LPIG workshop.. Take it all in. There are a LOT of very fine photographers in this club. It’s all very obvious when you look at all of the results.


Jan Vallely wanted everyone to know that the Florida State Park System has a photography contest open now and the folks at Dudley Farms wanted us to know about it. The winners will be posted in the Florida State Parks Monthly Newsletter, started in March 2016. For further information and details, check out their website at

No one can say that Bronwyn isn’t enjoying her retirement to the fullest. Check out her latest adventure to the cold world under the snowboard jump….. from Antarctica to the ski slopes.

There are three out of town outings coming up the rest of the year. All are to spectacular very special places and are very well organized. I just had a visit from a med school classmate that I haven’t seen since we graduated a couple of year ago, who happens to be from Culpepper Virginia. I told him about the outing that we have planned and was very excited about what we had planned. He even came up with a free time share in Williamsburg; which will be an after-outing extension for us. This trip should be a not-miss opportunity. Rebecca and Linda, our two members that recently moved to Richmond,  have spent a lot of time shooting in this area and have come up with some neat places that we will go.

Enjoy all the pictures, and let me know if you have anything to add or suggest. I am still looking for someone to sponsor a “For Sale” page. Maybe after the swap meet we will have some  re-generated interest.






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