Portraits in Natural Light


Natural light is everywhere.  Learning to use it to photograph people can be a useful tool in a photographer’s tool box.  Craig Monroe has been photographing portraits by natural light for decades.  He frequently uses the beach as his backdrop.  For this outing Craig will demonstrate his techniques and will provide an opportunity for you to try this approach.  He has enlisted the aid of model Suzi West as a subject.  She will be bringing various outfits to model for the outing.  Club President Brian Leonard has also enlisted members of his family, including children, as subjects.


Date and Time:  Saturday, 6/15/19 at 6:15 PM.

Location: The outing will be held at Mickler’s Landing,  Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Directions: Google Maps – Mickler’s Landing

Host: Craig Monroe – Email: rcmjaxbch@gmail.com

Other: The suggested compensation for the model is between $10 and $20 per person.  Suzi West is a professional model that has worked with our club before.

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  1. Hi ! This is Silas W Osborne ! The outing for Saturday, does anyone know what the weather will be like at Mickler Landing at 6:15 PM EDT ? Call me or send me a text message on my phone 904-612-3125 . OK, ciao and enjoy your day !

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