August 2021 More Education Information for JCC Members

The older I get the faster time flies. It feels like only yesterday when I posted the July Education update and now we are halfway through the month of August and an email from Adobe landed in my inbox today. Adobe Max is again hosting a free virtual event October 26-28. In case you didn’t get the email here is the link to sign up. I remember the 2020 Adobe Max and found it very useful. I am looking forward to this year’s offering. They have even posted the sessions that they are scheduled complete with date, time, instructor and synopsis.  

Looking at the catalog here are some of my favorites: 

S705 – 3D Art: I Can’t Draw. So What?; 

S804 – A Closer Look at the Ordinary: Mobile Photography Tips & Tricks;

S705 – 3D Art: I Can’t Draw. So What? 

L369 – Advanced Compositing for Brands, Photography, and Type

L457 – Advanced Techniques for Lightroom Classic

S727 – Behind the Lens: A Life of Freedom Through Photography

S561 – Behind the Scenes with a National Geographic Explore

S623 – Better Films, No Burnout: Producing Videos Faster

S285 – Career Branding — Digital Storytelling for All Students

When you use their sessions to schedule your viewing, the scheduling even takes into account that you are double scheduling so you can choose between 2 classes as you schedule. A very nice and friendly interface. Sounds like a very interesting and informative event from the comfort of your own home.

Another item in my inbox today was an email from Tim Grey with an announcement of a class hosted by B&H Photo on August 24 “Tips & Tricks for Optimizing in Lightroom Classic.” I have posted the date and time in the listing below.

As classes and tutorials become available, I try and update the listing. If you know of a class/tutorial or have found a great Youtube video on subjects of interest to the membership, please drop me a line so I can include it in our ever-expanding listing. 

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