August 18th Club Meeting: Photo Critique

Greetings JCC Photographers!

At the August 18 meeting, you will have the opportunity to have critiqued by club members, up to 3 images ahead of the last two contests of the year.   None of these images you submit have to be included in any of the upcoming contests.  We did this in January, and it seemed to be well received.

The T3 Print contest submittal dates are: Oct 6 and Oct 20.
The D3 Digital contest submittal dates are: Sept 9 – Oct 7, and the themes are General, Minimalist and Backlighting.  A description of these themes can be found here –

You may upload three photos into this album before midnight on Sunday, August 14:

We will present them in the order requested by the submitter.  All the first images will be displayed and discussed, then the second, and – if we have time- the third.

The images should be given a title, but you can submit them anonymously.

The images should be labeled:

For the first image – P1- your name (or anon) – image Title
For the second image – P2- your name (or anon) – image Title
For the third image – P3- your name (or anon) – image Title

Images should be not greater than 2400px on the longest side.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Ted Floore

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