Annual Awards for 2020

In Lieu of a banquet this year, awards for 2020 accomplishments were handed out at our meeting on 7 April.

Anita Fanic - Shutterbug Award for the Winningest Photographer of 2020


Top Ten Award, Shutterbug Award, 1st place Print of the Year-General, Honors-Nature in Digital, 2nd place Nature in Digital, 1st place General in Print, Progressive to Level V.

Complete Awards Summary

Top Ten Photographers

Celia Carson - Robert Clark -Tim Davis -Anita Fanic - Lloyd Granat - Paula Griffin - Bronwyn Horvath - Bill McSherry - Fred Raiford - Karen Sirnick - Charise Tanner

Slide Presentation of Annual Digital Awards

Slide Presentation of Annual Print Awards

Progressive Awards for Sustained Achievement

Level 1 - (60-124) Points

Tim Davis - Ted Floore - Jeff Garbow

Level 2 - (125-224) Points

Rickey Carter - Tim Davis - Doug Griffin

Level 3 - (225-349) Points

Lloyd Granat - Karen Sirnick

Level 4 - (350-599)  Points

Kathy Jaworski - Marek Pawlowicz

Level 5 - (600-999) Points

Anita Fanic - Fred Raiford

Associate - (1000-1499) Points

Phil Cope - Young McQueen

These winners were present at the meeting and willing to have their photos taken.


Charise Tanner: Top Ten Award, Digital-General, 2nd place


Karen Sirnick: Top Ten Award, 1st place Print of the Year (People), Honors-People in Digital, 1st place People-Print, Progressive to Level III


Paula Griffin: Top Ten Award, Honors-People in Digital, 2nd place Nature in Print, 4th place Nature in Print


Tim Davis: Top Ten Award, Progressive Plaque and 1st and 2nd Level Honors Award, Honors-General in Digital, 2nd place People in Digital, 2nd place People in Print, 2nd place General in Print.


Marek Pawlowicz: 1st place Digital Image of the Year-Nature, Honors Nature in Digital, Progressive to Level IV.


Ted Floore: Progressive Plaque and 1st Level Honors Award, 3rd place People in Digital.


Craig Shier: Honors General in Digital


Young McQueen: Associate Award, 1st place Digital Image of the Year-People.


Fred Raiford: Top Ten Award, 1st place Digital Image of the Year-General, Honors General in Digital, 1st place General in Digital, Progressive to Level V.

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