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Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour  ....  designed for photography.


A special brewery tour for JCC has been designed to get you on the brew floor and close to equipment and personnel.  You don't have to shoot through the glass on this tour.  This time it's all about the photography, not all about the beer......but you may enjoy a brew after the tour.


Saturday, September 16, 2017
9:45 a.m. – 12 p.m.


The Jacksonville Brewery
111 Busch Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32218

Anheuser-Busch Website


Gail Means
(904) 614-7936

Anheuser Guide
Ron Baitan

Special Photographers Tour

This isn't the regular tour about how to brew beer, info about hops, etc., usually conducted by the brewery.   They understand we want to take pictures and that is how this tour has been structured.   You will be right next to vats, machinery, bottling lines, etc., and you will be allowed to spend your tour time photographing.

Our tour is a modified form of the Brewmaster Tour.

Must Read

Everyone must have a Driver's License or State identification.

You must wear proper shoes for safety reason or you will be denied entrance.

  • Closed Toe
  • Closed Heel
  • Flat (No Heels)

Laced-up shoes with sure grip soles are highly recommended. Pretend you going to run at the Y.


Park Here:

Free Parking – Choose the parking lot on the right as you face the brewery.

Meet Here:

Walk to the green gazebo and follow the path to the entrance.
We'll meet by Larry (Clydesdale sculpture) on the path to the entrance at 9:45.  If you are late, walk past Larry to the entrance straight ahead.

Other Guidelines


(Special Shoes see must-read note). Temperatures change dramatically from hot areas to cool areas, so a light jacket is recommended.


You will be walking through the brewery for approx two hours. Up and down and on steel mesh and even slippery surfaces.
Tripods and backpacks and camera bags are allowed. You might consider— lighter is better. You will photograph in a working brewery that runs 24/7. This would make for interesting photography. But. . .  Please be aware of your surroundings, especially if carrying a tripod and/or backpack. Walkers are allowed but leave the Gemeinhardt carts at home, please.


Cost of the tour has been reduced for JCC members from $30.00 to $22.00.

The following 16 people registered for the tour:   Brian Leonard, Charise Tanner, Fred Raiford, Betty Raiford, Julius Dean,Chuck Shealy,Gail Means,John Neel,Betsy Raiford,Robert Clark,Kathy Jaworski,Lloyd Granat, Irene Ward, Ed Wright, Silvia Agreda

Registration and Payment—

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You may pay online or you may register and pay by check by mail. If you choose the latter you will receive a link to a printable form to accompany your check.

Registrations are complete when paid. Cancellation policies are on the form.

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After the Outing—


There isn't a planned lunch at a specific location but there are new interesting places in 5 Points, such as....
Mossfire Grill
1537 Margaret Street
Jacksonville, Florida  32204
On the same block is Black Sheep and Al's is right across the street.  If you haven't been to 5 Points in a while, some pleasant changes in an old neighborhood.

Map at bottom of the page

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Anheuser-Busch Photo Album


Anheuser-Busch Contest

No contest planned for this outing.


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2 thoughts on “Anheuser Busch Brewery Photo Tour”

  1. I had fun, their frozen margarita was AMAZING!!!!! I got to know a bit more some members that told they will help me with mounting process for printing competition, Guys I got my print so please bring the tape or whatever you use to mount photos on boards.

    I am so glad to be part of a group of creative outgoing people.

  2. It is very interesting. This was the first time that I had been there. I enjoyed it not only because of the unique pictures that could be taken but also a couple of the newer members attended and I was able to get a chance at the end of the tour to sit down and get to know the newer members. I for one enjoyed it myself. Don’t know if I have any good pictures but that is ok also.

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