Amendments to the By Laws Passed

I want to thank everyone for attending the meeting on Wednesday August 7th, 2019 to vote on proposed amendments.  We were able to have a quorum as required by the bylaws.  I believe we had a thorough conversation and all sides and opinions were heard and discussed.  The following were the vote results for the amendments:

Amendment III Paragraph I  –  Amendment to add the statement that Nominees to the Nomination Committee must have general knowledge of club operations.  Passed 41 -3.

Amendment III Paragraph II – A member of the nominating committee must step down if they are nominated for an Officer or Director position.  Passed 35-9.

Amendment III Paragraph IV – This amendment excluded the President but allows the Vice President to serve up to 4 consecutive terms.  The Secretary and Treasurer are not subject to term limits.  Passed 29-15.

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