Advice on North Carolina October Trip Needed !



First Light by Brian Leonard

From Joy Ruble:

I’m planning a week in October to take pics on the Blue Ridge Parkway.    Starting at Blowing Rock and ending in Cherokee.   Do you know anyone that has done this and could give me some tips on what to do, not to do, where to go, etc.   I’m sure I’ll research the heck out of it but that’s not the same as someone who has been there with a camera.    Thanks!



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  1. Thanks all! I didn’t know this was on the blog until it was mentioned in the meeting tonight. I have one night near Mt. Mitchell, 3 in Blowing Rock, and 3 in Cherokee. I did Cade’s Cove 2 years ago and was about a week too early for fall color. I’m staying with a local artist in BR so I’m sure to get some great tips from her. Moses Cone’s Lake sounds beautiful.

  2. I have driven the entire length of the Blue Ride Parkway and there are a couple of places worthy of photographing. For the most part there is a lot of sameness with little to shoot other than some overlooks. As noted in other comments there is a lot off of the parkway. I would suggest that you review locations off the parkway but near it.

  3. My favorite morning walk in Blowing Rock is Moses Cone’s Lake near the town of BR. The trees have great color in the fall and great water reflections in the morning. As you cross the dam, half way around the lake, there is a horse path that leads you to a great old house and barn.
    Probably one of the best morning shots is the hike near Grandfather Mountain, not in the attraction but a hike off the side of the road. And in the attraction, last year in October the people could enter on 4 days for sunrise and sunset. If they repeat this year it would be an extraordinary sight ($10).

  4. My most favorite place is Cades Cove and Little River Road out of the Ranger Station near Gatlinburg. The loop through Cades Cove has gotten real crowded but it is still fun. A nice walk to Laurel Falls is beautiful and easy. There is a second fall near the park at the middle of the loop that is a longer walk. Just can’t think of the name right now. We have seen bears and bear cubs as well as abundant deer. The landscape is just beautiful to me. There are horses, barns. cabins and mills. It is very popular. You will have to work hard to get a unique shoot.

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