2019 Q3 & Q4 Digital Competitions

The results presentation for the third quarter competition will be pushed back to Wednesday, Oct. 2. Categories are “Hands”, “JCC Outings” and “Boats & Water Structures”. JCC member Darrel Joseph will be the judge offering comments that night.

This Sunday, September 1, we will begin accepting entries into the fourth quarter digital competition. The window for entries was to close on September 30 at midnight but has been extended to midnight Sunday, Oct.6.

Categories are “General”, “Shots in the Dark” and “Be Creative”. You will be able to enter the competition by logging onto to the JCC website and clicking on “Contest” on the home page.

The judges for the contest will be a collaboration involving Ginger Sheridan, professor at Jacksonville University, and students from her photography program at the University. The results presentation for the competition will be Wednesday, November 20th.

If you have any questions,  issues logging in or with any aspect of the competition contact the Digital Chair (Link Here)

Click here if you would like to see what the Contest Entry Form looks like.

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