Outings Gallery 2019

How to Navigate this Gallery with Links to Google Photos

Presented here are images from locations of JCC Outings. The club is always looking for new photographic places to discover. Enjoy these images and make a comment below. Let's find even more new and exciting places to shoot.

Clicking on the image will open a link to the Google Photo album for the noted location. The layout within Google Photo is controlled by that program.

You may comment on individual images on Google Photo by clicking the comment icon. Enjoy.

How to Upload Images

Click on the image above the gallery title to open the Google Photo Album for an event.  Use the Google Icon to "Add to Album", located at the top right once inside the album. 

Christmas Party
Dec 2019

Paynes Prairie and Surrounds Nov 2019

St. Augustine Sunrise, Downtown and Distillery
June 2019

Mickler's Beach
June 2019

Sunset and Sunrise May 2019

Mandarin Garden Club Mini Outing
May 2019

Kanapaha Garden
April 2019

Sugar Mills
March 2019

Native American Festival
February 2019

EFG Orchids
January 2019

2 thoughts on “2019 Outings Galleries”

  1. I noticed that many of the photos submitted have JCC Inog instead of the names of the submitter. Have I missed something we we were supposed to submit our photos that way? Is there an “Outings” photo contest? Procedures are still new to me and I want to get this right. Thanks.

    1. Rebecca, JCC Incog is an anonymous userid for folks who don’t have their own Google account. Those who upload using a personal google account will have their own name shown. Unless a specific outing contest is announced, there is usually not a contest.

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