2018 Christmas Party

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Our Thanks to  Anita and Silvia for coordinating our Annual Christmas Party.

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December 15, 2018
5 - 9 PM
6000 San Jose Boulevard

The Outing Leaders will give you the access code to the condominium complex.

The club house is not in the tall Building, it is by the river. We will put balloons or lights to show the way.   Handicapped access is through the building. 

There is a great view of the river from this location so you may want to bring your camera and tripod for great sunset pictures.   Since sunset is at 5:28 PM you should arrive by 4:30 PM to set up.


Outing Leaders:

Anita Fanic            215-317-7663
Silvia Agreda         718-406-7908

The club will supply tablecloths, paper goods, utensils, etc.

Click here to see who have already signed up and the Pot Luck items they are bringing.


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