18 October – Real Estate Photography with Kathy Jaworski

You can easily imagine yourself enjoying your morning coffee in this pleasant alcove.

If you have looked at homes on real estate websites recently, you will have noticed that the quality of the photos attract your interest quickly or you move on to another house. Our own Kathy Jaworski photographed real estate professionally in Ohio and will show us some of her successful techniques on 18 October

All about “Real Estate Photography”…ok, so what does that mean?  During this program, Kath will share:

  • The Business and Marketing of being a Real Estate Photographer * But I promise to NOT be boring.  Or, at least I will TRY to accomplish that.
  • The Pre-Shoot Process * AKA – “What’s in the bag?”
  • The On-location Process Itself * We’ll look at a home from start-to-finish, and discuss several key images…the set-up, the EXIF, the rationale.
  • The Post-Production Process * Discussing everything from Lightroom & Photoshop to 3rdParty Plugins and how I actually delivered the end product to my clients.


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